1. Think of all the people out of a job if we ban the 95%safer alternative. A big number of people will be unemployed if this happens.

  2. It sounds noble but e cigarette companies are targeting young people that don’t smoke in the first place and any addicting behavior makes life harder and that is sabotaging a new generation. I understand that helps some people, can’t deny that but its not their real main intent. Also now it’s being use as a gateway to introduce marijuana or CBD if you don’t want to use that ugly word

  3. This video has been about 2 years. Now there is a problem popping up with E-cigarettes where people are dying because of their lungs stop working and doctors have no clue how it happens/how to fix it minus stop using E-cigarettes. People I guess do not understand all things like e-cigarettes and smoking is bad or I guess they know but they don't care. Every time people make a new thing like these people always think "Oh this is great and there is no problem with it" and yet there has many problems with smoking and as well more and more now with E-cigarettes. I know people will say "easier said than done" but people just need to learn the skill to be able to control them selfs and to just not smoke, vape, drinking, etc. because it's all bad for you. I know to some that are so hard to stop and I guess that's their problem but the problem is that not only is the people doing gets affected but others that have not done anything with it gets affected as well which that is just wrong. That is one of the many problems that need to be fixed and has not.

  4. 2 years later, and now e-cigarrets have shown evidence that they are worse then normal cigarrettes. What a turn.

  5. both are hamfull and both are annoying for non smokersvapers, but we humans will have our silly debates and arguments for and against and both are stupid things to do. period

  6. From a former smoker.. Vaping saved my life. Brought my breathing back to normal. Increased my lung capacity by 60%. Keeps me and my clothing from smelling like an ashtray. No more yellow fingers or using a tooth whitening toothpaste. No more complaints from my wife about stinking up the house. You couldn’t pay me to smoke another nasty cigarette. So here comes the government to make it impossible for me to continue to save my own life. As if we couldn’t see this coming……

  7. Nuts kill 150 people a year. Peanut butter is targeted towards children's lunches. It must be banned, you know because of the small risk it poses to few people.

  8. The tobacco industry is not about to lose $$ to the vaping business. This would also affect the profits of the health industry. The gov't loves their kickbacks.

  9. It doesn't matter how toxic a product is, as long as the risks are clearly indicated. It's written "smoking kills" on tobacco boxes. Meaning that someone who starts smoking accepts the risks.

    Now if they want to debate how toxic it is… how many hundreds of thousands die from tobacco every year vs how many die from vaping ?

  10. My problem is when I go past the Highschool and all the students seem to vaping during lunch time.

    Yes, E-Cigs are great if you smoke cigs and trying to quit.

    No, E-Cigs are bad if you are trying to prevent teens from using nicotine.

  11. Of course, e-cigarettes are much healthier than tobacco cigarettes! However, they have two defects:
    (1) sucking hot air into your lungs will reduce lung volume (but it is not nearly as dangerous as tar); and (2) nicotine is highly addictive, which means that you end up with an expensive habit.
    If you are already a non-smoker, it is pretty stupid to take up vaping. If, however, you are a smoker, vaping is one way to wean yourself off tobacco. Nevertheless, it probably isn't better than nicotine patches.

  12. The only thing Prager is missing here is the misconception about where the "vape-related" deaths and sicknesses came from. Look up the articles about the kids who had it really bad, and you'll find that it isn't the nicotine vapes. It's the fake Chinese THC cartridges that are to blame. As a high schooler I can tell y'all that there are many kids that use these fake carts. I even personally know a kid who's been picking them up for 3 years, and guess what? His lungs are infected. The only kid I know, out of everyone I know that uses vapes. This is the real problem.

  13. I’m a 9th graded so I gotta deal with all these seniors with their snowflake hipster outfits, gangster wannabe accents, and worst of all capes. My school says they enforce no gaping but I smelled it a couple times within the first few weeks and I bet once I get into the higher grades it’s gonna be out of control so I could go without capes because everything with nicotine makes me dizzy and messed up but wanna know what else I can go without with CIGARETTES (CANCER STICKS) ok I don’t want to get tar on my lungs

  14. Surprise! It's dangerous. But that only because the e-cigarettes were not regulated for safety and made cool by Hollywood. Oh, and to boot now anybody or manufacturer shop off main street will use chemicals to add taste and sold to young people. With a touch of T.H.C.

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