What's the Deal with CBD and Skin Care? – Dr. Anthony Youn

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  1. I make a CBD/THC tincture/moisturizer for my chest. When I sweat I break out in a rash that itches constantly and turns to tiny pimples. Ive been told it was a bacteria infection?!?? I’ve tried a number of Rx creams. That did not help, I have had the rash last for weeks. The CBD tincture stops the itching immediately and the rash disappears in approximately 3 days. I can’t wait until they start doing more research.

  2. I wonder if CBD is going to be like colloidal silver was a decade ago. Colloidal silver was supposed to fix everything and now you rarely hear about it.

  3. I take CBD oil and during the cold months I always get very chapped lips. Especially my bottom lip – it is almost raw. I decided to rub some of the CBD oil on it and the next day it was healing. Withing two days, it was almost totally healed and smooth.

  4. I have been taking pure CBD oil to help with chronic intractable migraine pain for almost 3 months now. I decided to try using it in my skincare routine a month ago. I use just 2 or 3 drops twice a day. WOW!!!! I have already seen and felt difference in my skin. It is slowly evening out my skin tone, fading some dark spots, and improved the texture. It has a slight tingle to it when I apply it. It's my last step before my tinted SPF. If you use it in a tincture oil form a little goes a long way!!

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