What’s in a Strain: Your Cannabis Fingerprint

There is no scientific definition of a plant “strain” because plants don’t have strains–only bacteria and fungi have strains, yet states use strain names to track …


  1. You have 3 kinds and indica , sativa, hybrid. Buds vary from node to node and each plant has 50+ nodes.

    Tldr: its branding

  2. I am stunned and amazed at how shitty this talk was. the top descriptors would be useless, mindlessly repetitive, vague on any important point that any halfway knowledgeable grower might want to actually know about, while endlessly repeating the same bullshit about the stuff that everybody on Earth already knows. Just the worst talk I've heard on cannabis in a very, very long time. You two should be ashamed of yourselves for calling yourselves professionals, or for posting this video, not to mention holding the talk at all. You got to be kidding me. Can't get that half hour of my life back. Go back to school and learn something that anybody, anywhere, doesn't already know. Jesus FUCKING Christ on a popsicle stick.

  3. wow. 396 strain names found 'Blue Dream' genetics in all twelve genetic variations (?!)…Could argue the 2014 Nevada study shows how unextraordinary many new developed hybrids are. Hope breeders/growers pump up the cannabinoids/terpenes not just the THC/CBD & clever strain names.

  4. I just realized The ammount of likes and most the comments are the far and few of us who really grow and really care

  5. Pretty good info… around 28:55 a gal starts to ask a question and pepper cuts her off and says 100%… so the girl says “ok talk to me” and pepper asks “what’s the question” 😂🤣😂I won’t go on about the other little D$&!k measuring circumstances of this video and just say there where some good points made…but cmon the defensive ness was written all over I’m just trying to figure out why….

  6. Kevin Jodrey sums up terpenes easily: Fruit (energetic) – Floral (introspective) – Earth (grounding/relaxing) – Fuel (sedating/ narcotic). Of course cultivars can sit in between categories, but this helps to explain potential entourage effects along with major cannabinoids.

    This talk was largely anecdotal so let me add my own experience… I have been smoking 18+ years with arthritis, anxiety, and PTSD and THC seems to be the medicine, regardless of cultivar/terpene choice. Most inflation of the potential effects of Cannabis and its minor components in the medicinal sector is there to create large ancillary business, that may or may not be economically or scientifically viable. It's a commercial pipe dream IMO. Smoke/ingest 4 different cultivars consecutively and tell me you can feel and accurately measure the differences in overall well being and experience. Call me old fashioned but smoking it does the trick, and allows for greatest control in dosing and the duration of the experience = the best way to introduce someone new to the plant and it's therapeutic properties.

  7. Since most strains aren't American. How are they privied to patent plants that aren't indigenous to their land?

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