What the discovery of gravitational waves means | Allan Adams

More than a billion years ago, two black holes in a distant galaxy locked into a spiral, falling inexorably toward each other, and collided. “All that energy was …


  1. Poor old Scott Hughes. I hope he never lives to see the day when society (taxpayers!) wake up and demand some proof of "scientific" claims. I don't wish him ill, but I just couldn't stand to hear that sort of crying in another "Ted" talk. If that's part of the "entertainment" of TED, I'm not amused. Scott really should cry in his own time. A very good friend of mine was a vehement opponent of the idea of the existence of "Black Holes" and "Gravitational Waves". After the big LIGO announcement I went round to see him. He was a mess, he'd consumed two flagons of Scotch. He said "tell me it isn't true!". So I told him it wan't true, but that seemed to make him worse, unfortunately. I think he thought that I was lying just to cheer him up. I still wake up at night still hearing him blubbering.

  2. This bloke sounds like he's selling insurance folks. Ligo have pulled off one of the biggest scams of our time. Maybe they really believe they found something, I'm not sure. But they set a great precedent. Billions in funding to tell us that they know that the Earth stretched four thousandths of a proton for a split second when this intrepid little wave which had travelled 1.3 billion years across the universe finally turned up for muster. Phew! Wow! Of course it must be true. . . they have no motive to bullshit, do they?
    And who's going to spend billions of dollars to prove they are wrong? Any takers?

  3. The crowd knows its bullshit. They registered tremendous movement in ether not gravitational waves nonsense. Is there no other reason for that noise? How are they to pinpoint to that particular collision? Where are gravitons? What are "waves" riding in vaccum if not ether?

  4. Everything about this is complete nonsense but hey Einstein = More Cash² and "scientists" are driving down a cul de sac with one of those roundabouts with seven other roundabouts around the roundabout and they go around and about and around and about and around and about and around and about. LI(E)GO is not valid science, its paycheck party time.

  5. Let's be audacious. Let's waste billions more on a whole new generation of bullshit that allows us to listen to our own imaginary nonsense.

  6. An Open Letter To Nobel Prize and Breakthrough Prize

    What is the speed of gravity?

    The speed of gravity is light speed.


    Because all scientists say so. Textbooks say so. Everyone thinks so.

    Therefore, gravity’s speed is 3 x 10^8 m/s.

    This is a common mistake due to bad high education. Gravity has no speed– it is an

    eternal property of mass.

    The fact is gravity has no speed, gravity does not propagate from Sun to earth at light speed, gravity is coexisting and constantly attracting the Sun and earth, and therefore gravity has no speed, it is instantaneous.

    Force has the attitude, direction, and carrier. Force has no speed. This is a simple fact and logical, so why are all scientists confused? Our science education is severely lacking.

    Scientists lied about detecting a gravity wave a few years ago.

    Today they lied about taking a picture of a black hole.

    What is going on? Why do they think people are all stupid?

    You guys should drain the science swamp, otherwise, who else can do it?

  7. How many of these waves have been detected? Just the one on Sept 14th? How do you know the source of these waves and not some other phenomena?

  8. I'm paraphrasing, but there is a quote from the movie Creator with Peter O'Toole where he muses that one day scientists will look into a microscope and see the eyes of God, and the first to blink will lose their testicles… Now I think one day we will listen to the center of the Universe and hear "Let there be LIGHT".

  9. Gravity started with Newton's apple falling downward, now theres Gravity waves, with one myth fallowing another .

    Including Newton's apple !
    All downward falling motion begins when active rising gas molecules in motion becomes trapped and motionless within the process of making solid objects, with trapped ENERGY LOCK lifeless dead gas molecules, which as dead gas molecules can only fall downward, where is Gravity ?

  10. Find a way of measuring gravitational waves and study the mentally ill before they are maimed. The aliens are here and affecting humanity with these sorts of weapons. The aliens use gravitational based weapons. With this they can control humans acutely, transposing temptation, control, or cause physical torture. They have a genetic agenda.

  11. This topic was made much more interesting by how handsome the speaker is. Wow! Would love to have him as my professor. Brains and looks all rolled into one.

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