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  2. good for you guys for putting this video together 👍 we need more support to leave marijuana in a positive way like this

  3. Thanks for this inspirational video, it really resonated with me, especially when you spoke about her teaching style

  4. The "before and after 'photos'" in the thumbnail are literally just the same photo with two different filters.

  5. Gone from smoking daily to having 2 spliffs in the last week. Last night had a terrifying dream that I was being grabbed by a lion and dragged off in front of my family never been so scared I was so relieved when I woke up🤣🤣

  6. What she said about the weed making her self-analytical side even more hyperactive is extremely relatable. It may not always be about smoking but, if I start self reflecting when I’m high I definitely give myself much harder and honest critiques. Wish that part of me stayed that way when I was sober, would make even simple things like curbing my sugar intake much easier!

  7. I think the major aspect of cannabis use that is such a mistake in this generation is just the frequency. Never met a person who religiously smokes just one day a week mention any negatives. Weed has a way of punishing its abusers in a way that demands its distance from the user. We just need to reinstate reverence into the sacred act again.

  8. To each is own I consume thc almost every day and I stay productive most of my days so I say weed is good for some people

  9. Marijuana is not a harmless drug, it has many, many downsides. If you do not smoke, do not start. If you do smoke, stop. It is a motivation killer and clouds your judgement. I was a multi-decade smoker, now sober. I feel so sad that I wasted so much time I will never get back, and now, at nearly 60, I see how many opportunities passed me by because I was stoned. What a are kidding yourself if you think you can smoke a couple of times per month and not get back into the habit.

  10. I quit smoking weed for a month-and-a-half and I got to say the dreams I've been having are crazy. And my life is a little less exciting

  11. Must be nice having people to share this experience with.. I don't crave it any more, and I don't feel the fear of going without any more, but I always want to go back to it, because I don't feel better without it, and I was so much more emotionally stable with..

  12. Thank you, for this video, Today is my 3rd day of quitting weed, i honestly feel so much better. Can't wait to be 30 days drug free !!! If anyone is thinking of doing it, do it, stop smoking.

  13. Smoking weed doesn’t effect my life style as long as you do it in moderation , if you been smoking a lot everyday when you stop you will have some side effects . Here’s the good news tho this only lasts about a week give or take for me anyway but for that week , your going to feel your appetite change ( not as hungry ). The second thing will happen is you will become emotional/irritable. And another thing you should know is your not going to have decreased motivation. For me I also had trouble sleeping like I said takes about a good week for these symptoms to stop. A quick tip , if you eat a healthy diet and workout you can get it out of your system faster

  14. For some reason, it really irritated me that the before-and-after picture are literally the exact same picture

  15. I've been smoking for 10 years every day don't blame the plant if you're not productive or lazy. I've never been lazy in this 10 years it depends on the person 🙂 have a great day all

  16. If your life is in shambles… Dont blame a drug. I mean drugs are bad mmkay (Southpark Reference) But i believe you have it or you dont. Your gonna live successfully or your gonna fail. Ill smoke and win or i can smoke and lose.

  17. Dont come around me with those clear ass eyes… I work hard so i light up when i get off work. Your either there or your square. Ya know what i mean!

  18. I can relate to alotta concepts in your video. I started smoking weed at 16, had problems with the law, took breaks and self imposed limits on monthly consumption, etc. I ended up quitting altogether, I didn't like that I was always thinking about it. It felt like a chain. I only smoked about 3x in 4 years of college but drank heavily. After that, I smoked once or twice every year till I was about 31. Since then, I've been consuming daily for 8 years and am happy. I smoke and have great sex, go workout, study stocks, read, have long conversations on topics of mutual interest with strangers/friends, be in nature, or focus on my thoughts. Every person is different with unique life experiences so cannabis isn't the same for everyone. At an early age, I was taught to respect weed and use it for a purpose. I always keep that in mind and it steers my usage as an enhancement to the things I already do in life. I figured out that other vices like Alcohol and Porn were harmful to my life/relationships and have no place in my daily routine as they are destructive, energy draining, demeaning and just do not present the best "me" to the world. It's important that each person learns thyself and can isolate and identify these negative factors. It's the only way for us to change and progress. Good luck to you, your GF, and your friends on this journey!

  19. Thank you so much for this video It really had an Impact in my life I’ve been smoking since highschool and wouldn’t be able to control it. It was getting to a point where I even dropped out of high school after seeing all my friends disappear I decided to devote my life On businesses and stocks. So far it’s had a huge impact in my life I self disciplined myself to get off my couch and stop waiting for good things to happen and I said I am going to grind I’m going to work I’m going to do everything in my power to become a victor and not a victim. 🙏📈 #prosperity #abundance #wealth #selfdisipline

  20. Damn I smoke weed Bc it’s fun! 😂 fuck outta here with that finding yourself bull shit. After all it only makes you sit there looking and acting stupid weed is a party trick. If you want to find your self take 3 hits of L and look in the mirror you’ll never forget that shit!

  21. Does anyone feel a difference in their visuals? Like grass & trees look greener, sky looks more blue, people look more vivid or HD ?

  22. I feel so much better now I've quit weed, I've realized I don't need it. To celebrate let's smoke some weed.

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