1. I'd eat the bark off of tree's first, like wtf!! I'd eat insects, bugs, worms – like holy frig there's a ton of freaking things you can eat that are actually healthy for you!

  2. I just started reading the Tokyo Ghoul manga, and the number of fans here makes me smile.

    Also, holy shit. The human thigh is 10,000 CALORIES!?!

  3. Human taste like lamb and bacon
    but don’t risk it even if it taste kinda good because cannibalism for us is risky so no do it

  4. This is one of the most informative, interesting AsapSCIENCE videos I've seen.
    Also those illustrations are a terrifying combination of cute and disturbing.

  5. There was a nerve wracking case about Cannibalism in my country where a normal man lived peacefully in a town. The neighbours had never been suspicious about him but that devil used to cook little kids in a pressure cooker and put the rest meat in an ice cream sized big freezer.

  6. 1:35 this is why we muslims don’t eat pork or bacon.

    These animals were once humans that were turned into animals because of their grave sins.

    Even their dna is extremely similar to ours.

    In fact pigs are used for organ transplants if a human donor couldn’t be found.

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