What/If with Renée Zellweger | Official Trailer | Netflix

What/If a mysterious stranger made you an offer too extraordinary to refuse? From Revenge creator Mike Kelley, What/If stars Renée Zellweger as ultimate game …


  1. This series is disgustingly anti women and anti choice. The whole story is based on the character who was a mistake but not aborted. Youre putting the womens movement behind. Fuck u netflix

  2. i gotta say, the description on netflix sounded way more interesting than what this show really seems to be. I don't even know why it has this title. oh well i'm not the demographic

  3. Renées perfomance is so stunning. I love her faces and her passions. Futhermore I want to have her wardrobe. Her clothes are beautiful💕

  4. I get the ratings for this show. Writing and plot is somewhat weak. Pretty sure they put the friends in to have "some" racial diversity because that subplot (while I enjoyed it) was unnecessary and too far fetched lol I thought at 1st maybe it was about some weird tech/drug that controlled a person's narrative based on the wrong doings they've done and it was a controlled "reality" but it was just about some damaged woman. Acting is strong and I still enjoyed it.
    Wouldn't re-watch in the future though.

  5. Have just watched it. It was bad enough for me to keep watching to see if it might get any worse. Good performance from Renée Zellweger but the other actors are a joke. Actually, it would be an offence for real actors to call that bunch that. Same with the story – really bad writing. Netflix is getting really bad with originals.

  6. Just finished it and it was beyond awesome. The finale was satisfying! I don’t think they need to make a season 2 but if they do. I’d be watching 😬

  7. How can an entire series evolve around a blockbuster drug purchased by a Shark VC never show a lab, clinical trials, etc. etc.? or is it all on S/W somewhere in the cloud?
    BTW……if this is a comeback movie for Renee, she is Smokin' Hot! …..much success!

  8. I don’t like this tight lip business tycoon role. I prefer the flustered Bridget with Daniel Cleveland and Mark Darcy.

  9. Just finished this. The actors and actresses were amazing. The story was plain and not interesting. The characters were all scum.

  10. I just finished watching the first season it's brilliant! If you love 'Revenge' you will like
    'What If'. When is season 2 coming?
    Renée Zellweger nailed it!

  11. Is uncle liam lisa's father or just a mentor? I thought foster killed lisa's father. Isn't that why he went to jail for killing the man that raped both his daughter and anne?

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