1. Never said how many gallon flush
    How many times
    The date you give the flush
    Ph balanced or non balanced flush
    How long afterward do you do 48 hrs darkness

  2. Great video very informative. My husband was just telling about flushing, obviously he agrees. Definitely subscribing 😜

  3. So what if I keep feeding up until the day of harvest. I have flushed it and it has two more weeks the trycones are all milky andlook very good I have had two cold nights it got down to 58-60%. This will be the 10th time I have grown and I grown 15 years ago with my dad when I was a kid he teaches me so much. I still consider my self a newbie but I do very well I think I don’t know what my plant is do to it’s not legal in my shit state and I get my Random seeds from bags I by from the man. But please help me. And I may be starting a grow house project soon so I can just grow year around. But money is a factor but I’ll need insulation and grow lights and air conditioner and heater‘s and ventilation system and A humidifier system. This will be a first for me. My old lady is bitching all ready about how much electricity this will burn it’s a small shed that may fit 5-6 plans at a time and I really wanted to clone. But please help with all subjects in this. I know there are a lot of experts in these comment and every little bit of information helps and I will greatly appreciated ever bit and I’ll be most grateful. I would mostly like to focus on the grow house and how much it may effect my electric bill because she is a bitch like that and I pay the bill already so like wtf. She’s just a bitch. But it will be much easier to hid then just sitting out side. I may just start it and not say anything lol.

  4. 💚 my grampa gene past recently. we called him mr greengenes cause he was always in his veggie garden and used to pick crabgrass by hand from his yard instead of using herbicides. May his energy live on within you greengenes, and also in every gardener. 💚

  5. So by definition flushing is to simply stop feeding but continue watering your plant some number of days prior to harvest? Some people say use gallons and gallons of water and flush for so many days. my 5 gallon grow bags wont hold more than about a gallon each time i water. Help lol

  6. Enjoyed the informative post, yes definitely a defoliation vs not video would be interesting. I live in high humidity zone, during flower I slowly defoliate. This keeps the pm down and I can see bud damage from worms early on. Even using a h202 spray to control the pm, when I don’t defoliate I have severe issues. I grow outside and live in San Diego county 25 miles from the coast.
    The worms at late flower burrow deep into the buds, hand removal is required, spraying with BT Safer . Yesterday 5 live worms deep in a top cola, noticed premature browning of flowers, opened it up and a worm. It was early am so I sprayed, today only 2 dead 🐛.
    It’s a journey.🦄

  7. Flush the soil, not the plants, nutrients can and should be flushed from the medium, to leave the plants cannabilizing the remaining food stores in the leaves.

  8. I went to Pacific lights Concepts web page and it's not letting me order anything anyone else having any problems? Thanks for all the knowledge you drop, it's all gold & your vids are great as well

  9. Dam wat size pots were those plants in? I checked my runoff recently and it was 200-400 ppm I flushed lots of water thru the pots and got the ppm down can I cut after one day of hardcore flush. Two weeks prior I was watering with nothing but clean water with no runoff 🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️ I’m switching from liquid to organic amendments I dnt like dealing with this lol organics seem easier top dress and water in between.

  10. This is what we out in "fogosphere" are craving (no- top secret/narcissism / I am "king botany " )
    Straight up info .
    New Sub and likely unsubbing the "nutrient fluff-overload " channels.
    Thank you.

  11. so technically everyone couldve ignored this completely as flushing does work, and even if our science isnt straight, the practical application is still viable.

  12. With plants that tall yield should be much more. Just from observation of this garden. Kinda spindly and nuggs are way small!

  13. Thank you. We need more people to spread intelligent, factual information. Too many myths and misinformation have infected the cannabis community.

  14. Absolutely love the comparative informational content! For me I've always been a "why?" guy. From a wee shaver of a lad. Why does it do this or that, and thanks for coming with the goods and going into the hows and why's of what's really going on! Sure it does x,y and z,but how? Why? I love being a student of life, to learn on a daily basis something new,as more science and technology advances to sharing of information from around the world at a touch of a button! I'm in my half century mark of this planetary period, and there's still oh so much for me to learn and experience! Regardless of how long I've been growing our lovelies, from the beginning of this century, take jorge's growers bible for instance, since the almost 20 years ago so much of the information in it has been advanced upon due to newer science, sharing and technology discovering certain advancements have me putting new notations in the margins of changes in our beloved girls journey we collectively share in.
    Thanks for sharing your valuable information and experience of our wondrous plant partnership with the green Goddess. Peas&namaste. ▪☆☆☆▪

  15. Question if you don't mind.. do you start counting your flower weeks when your plant show sex??

  16. This played in my auto play after watching your newest video, tyvm for posting this. I intend to tell people to watch this

  17. New sub here bro..love how you broke that down so people fully understand 10 days is we'll enough to flush..i believe in flushing 7 to 10 days..

  18. Senecence is triggered by environmental changes within the medium and surround the plants,  so room temperature, humidity, lights spectrum, ect. plays big role as much as flushing the medium on indoor grow. (not talking about no-till soil grow) that's just my understanding about the plant so far. you have to somehow convince the plant that it is entering its end cycle.

  19. I see pushing all the goody from the roots , to the crown,getting it home in the buds we pass around, such a blessing to have these trees , the THC’s. Thank you Jesus, Let’s be on our knees you are worthy of our praises ,,, Legalize everywhere please🖐🏻

  20. Wow great video. Lots of mis information on flushing out there. Loved your explanation. So many people have it wrong. You have it right! Cheers!

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