1. Ignoring the crisis I just went through, isn't your whole body just one big mesh chemical reaction, including the reaction of converting oxygen into carbon dioxide, where the oxygen is converted into energy and piolets your body, and, assuming when you die you become unconscious, your consciousness? And all of this is being controlled by your brain, which is just another big chemical reaction, resulting in energy transfers? And how does this chemical reaction exist? Was it the result of the chemical reaction of the big bang? But this is impossible as life on Earth didn't exist for an incredible amount of time after the big bang. So, was the chemical reaction forced by another, earlier being? Or was it merely fate that this reaction began at all? Am I just going on a dumb tangent? WHAT IS REAL?

  2. You know what? As a peaceful organism, if I ever get cancer, I will use surgery to remove them instead of chemotherapy to kill them, then I will keep them in a jar(or Petri dish if small enough) as the most exotic pet ever tamed by mankind

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