What about Medical Marijuana? – Q&A for September 19 2019

In this week’s Q&A David Guzik answers questions about medical marijuana, the difference between grace and mercy, is it too late to submitt to the Lord for …


  1. Just listened to Jean’s question… Oh sister in Christ, this near 70 woman was so blessed by your experience expressed in words, having had a similar walk. You are already being called in service to God… Thank you Jesus for Jean!

  2. The church is just as responsible for the opioid crisis as anyone. I am sure over half of your congregation is using synthetic heroin right now.
    No wonder going to see your REAL doctor is the third leading cause of death in this country. How many people have died using cannabis in the last five thousand years as its been used as a medicine? Absolutely no one .
    Yea pastor you just stay on your man made pills made by REAL scientists instead of using what God has made.

  3. Thank you, Pastor David! The answer to my question resonated with my spirit. My doctor did indeed encourage me to seek out medical marijuana as a help for my pain. I now believe there will be no going against the Lord in the decision to seek this help. Blessings!

  4. Thanks for answering my questions a few weeks back, although I think I wasn't clear in my third one! I was referring to how wedding vows typically involve being married to someone until death, yet raptured people presumably won't die. Nonetheless, here are some more challenging questions if you're up for it!

    4. Do you believe there is any merit to the Conditional Immortality view?
    5. Do you think Jesus intends to meet every believer individually, and presuming that he will, how will he do so in a reasonable amount of time?
    6. Do you think Jesus interferes with our dreams to the extent of preventing us from dreaming bad, perhaps evil dreams about him?

  5. Hi, David. Are women permitted to teach when there are men and women in a Bible study? I have always believed the Word teaches that women are not permitted to teach men. Your input appreciated.

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