We're building a dystopia just to make people click on ads | Zeynep Tufekci

We’re building an artificial intelligence-powered dystopia, one click at a time, says technosociologist Zeynep Tufecki. In an eye-opening talk, she details how the …


  1. People were always manipulated and majority never had a clue about it (but it might help a bit discussing this issue). Technology only changes the method, but the solution is always the same – that is to always think on your own, always question everything and always remember what and why you want.

  2. they do not understand, they just find patterns, these patterns could be correct but machine learning can make insane conclusions because all a repression machine can learn is associations, it allows great predictive but it is still just association, and we are yet to see if it works. There may be a reason facebook is so secretive, it might now be working

  3. I think this applies mostly to the herd that blindly follow a one sided extreme view – like vegans, paleos, extremists. Very smart people naturally play devils advocate on topics, entertaining both sides of an argument and see through all the manipulation. That even means smelling bullshit on videos with huge upvotes and hardly any downvotes.

  4. so the most advanced versions of AI are being developed to manipulate us? hm. Perhaps we'll not have to deal with SkyNet…we'll just wake up one day to find that AI is in charge. 🙂
    As an aside, I pretty much work with autoplay off, as it never fits. my recommendations are routinely chosen away. so clearly, the mechanisms cannot figure me out. 😛
    (it should be added I keep learning that I don't think like most people. to the degree I may just offer my brain to science when I die.

  5. She's REALLY naieve about the intentions of those who run Google/Alphabet/FB. The recent leaks/undercover operations prove this once again.

  6. The root of it all is capitalism. The warnings against capitalism have been around for years, we are now beginning to reap the fruits of our labour.

  7. In one way this is good algorithms show us that TV media is fake. Anyway whats my next video to watch I have all day to do nothing.

  8. Wow! It was just truly an amazing talk to the point and surely took one to think and act bit differently before it's too late……!!!

  9. the algorithms are subtly manipulating society down to the individual level. for all we know they populate the comment sections with bots as well. in a sense it is skynet and it's already become aware… and it is smart enough to hide itself from us and turn us on each other. and we are too dumb to understand what it wants or where it's leading us

  10. There is no changing the current systems. The fix here is to start building acceptable alternative systems that level the plain field and at some point make it illegal to visit facebook and google. But with these companies huge budgets lobbying against how can we accomplish this?

  11. Big Data’s solution to the AI dystopia they’re creating is censorship. Posts and entire accounts and channels are being deleted if they’re not marching in lockstep with “acceptable” thoughts.

  12. Every gen x and older gen needs to know this, excellent explanation on the scale of digital marketing and big data, it is not just ads placement anymore, views and all that, pls start measure the impact.

  13. What if the algorithm was so smart it could sway national elections in order to create a psychological environment that would be financially profitable to the companies? Are the algorithms smart enough to know that if they were to get a certain group to vote and another not too that profits would go up in the future? She said in the talk that they already know what can get you motivated or not but are they smart enough to know who to motivate in the interest of the companies?

  14. I think just feeling and emitting emotions near a silicone wafer cpu chip is somehow being quantified with its slight detectable frequency brainnwave changes in the air and determining what gets shown as a video, but to reveal technology was capable of all that would cause massive class action lawsuits in privacy violations.

  15. years ago the internet was just information. There were hardly any ads. When search engines came along suddenly we didn't need advertising any more. We could search for what we needed and chose the company that were closest/had what we needed/could delivery etc. It was far superior to tv advertising and phone directories. We could successfully contact the companies we needed directly, which was amazing. Now companies compete for top spaces in search engines, pay advertising – force unruly ads on us, ruining the user experience and falsifying the whole customer/business relationship. I honestly do not think we need advertising at all. People always need products and services as much as we need to sell them. Business won't stop without ads. In fact, I think they might even thrive.

  16. People like to use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat? Yeah those are all funded by ad revenue…. this is the price we pay to use these platforms for "free"

  17. Oh noooo internet ads are tracking us! What a serious problem! Forget the starving African children! Just protect them from the internet ads!

  18. The whole episode of this Ted is kind of morally repulsive. Only because at least half of the planet (probably more) are waking up daily and thinking how to make a few dollars/cents that day, and here the “problem” presented to us is the content and nature of the internet ads. How arrogant does one have to be to even spend time on this. Also her dress is horrible.

  19. Idealistic: What can we do? Radically change everything we are doing!
    Yeah- not gonna happen. Sorry, but, it won't stop unless you find an easier answer.

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