Weed-picking robot takes top prize at robotic farming competition

A small Halifax startup took on some big name universities and corporations at an international robot farming competition in Indiana, which looked at how AI …


  1. In the years to come, such a "prowess" would be so banal that it won't deserve any attention… Just keep it for the record.

  2. don't see it pick a single weed or work at all… show me it worked not that it can play in a driveway doing nothing!!!!

  3. So glad some smart people loked at this problem. It would have been nice to see how it actually works, and what it does with the weeds. Hopefully they've already got a patent.

  4. Gorgeous with this new technique there will be no need of pesticides yeahhhhhhhh or make weeds resistance to pesticides yeahhhhhhhh again thanks

  5. This robotic can be adapted to pick strawberries and other vegetables that have to be picked by hand..
    Because of the height and way the arm moves it do tomatoes etc.. anything that can be picked by hand..

    With solar panels on top there would be enough power for the unit to work with only on a human to empty its basket when it is full.

    The name is RObotic R2WEED2PICKER.

    The small family farmers in EU would go nuts over this as the picker can work in all kinds of weather without damaging the crops using GPS markers and since they have electric Tractors that robotic it is prefect.

  6. I have a few variants of this type of device that I put to work with a manual weed puller in my yard. My variants are 13 years old, and up. They do a good job for $0.05 cents a weed. Google "Bosch Bonirob". This has been done before, almost verbatim, it appears. Interesting to work on, nonetheless, for those involved.

  7. The same thing already exists, it was made by a university in Australia. It's already being made for the big market. These fa*s just copied the design. Good job not doing the research CBS. Gosh!

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