1. this guy is nuts.. the complete drive train as viewed from the rear should be horizontal, but his is leaning over to the right.. that is why he thinks the chains are stretched , the whole assembly is loose as the bushes it rides on are worn out. this in turn puts a twist in the thin drive chain, and also on the final drive chains.. all this mower needs is to replace the bushes, not the chains…

  2. Well i gave it a shot but the cheap mower isnt worth fixing..im done working on the piece of JUNK! buying me a Snapper!

  3. Gracias!!
    Your video is excellent. I do have a question. My model is the same as yours. But when I try to loosen the main gear bolt (the one in the middle of the 3 on the gear), I can't loosen it. The gear just turns and moves the chain.
    I am trying to get to the inner chain to retread it. It keeps jumping off, I think, because the belt is loose. So will also replace the belt (it should be here tomorrow). I'm getting stuck with getting that gear bolt loose so I can take the panel off and get to the inner chain.
    Any suggestions would be great! Thank you!

  4. Thank you/Gracias – this helps so many people who have this machine, so many complaints yet you demonstrate it can be very straightforward to repair.

  5. Great vid. Is the new chains shorter than the old one? Wish there was a way to just remove a link or two like on a bike.

  6. I thought my chain was slipping, but it turned out to be the differential on the primary drive. It has planetary gears in a plastic hub which is bound for disaster just from using it. It made a horrible racket in any of the forward gears, but did move in reverse. Sears had the new differential for $39.00 delivered. It is part number 428876. Godspeed.

  7. One glaring question. On the side opposite the primary drive, did you not have to remove the gear held in place by a snap ring? So the primary drive could be removed? I am replacing the primary drive now and see no mention of this fact. The rest of the video is spot on and quite appreciated. Thank you.

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