Weed Documentary (2016) – High School: Marijuana in an American Public High School

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  1. Tobacco and weed out of a bong is different people try it or don't coment about "oh no tobacco and weed is gross" stfu bitch lol dont knock it til you smoke it

  2. So many American students in these days are getting exposed to marijuana and other drugs. These students are lucky that they ONLY smoke weed. The weed available today is a hundred times stronger than the weed that was available in the late 20th century.

    The use of opioids, amphetamines, meth, and cocaine creates sick effects that are much worse than using cannabis. Those young people are very lucky when you compare them to crack users.

  3. Omf halfway thru so much grams unzip the bags dip in ma hand and then i palm some treez lmao just starts singing

  4. Yes maybe not the best informational video but shoutout to this mf for putting on the Underachievers and Flatbush Zombies.

  5. Omgoodness! The teacher in the glasses was my 6th grade Health teacher In Ockley Green middle school in 1996. He is in a wheel chair.

  6. I’m in high school and I smoke quite often pretty much daily if not every other day and I don’t get the best grades but these kids are just basically act like crackheads. I never feel the need to smoke or that I “Have to have it”, that’s not what’s weeds for weed is for after a long day smoking a blunt to relax and deal with some every day problems, and these kids putting tobacco together with their bud don’t even need to be smoking.

  7. Yall are sum moke chumps, real mokers dont even keep track of when they take mokes. Its all just kind of a moked out deepness

  8. If you noticed every bad thing that happened to this “smokers” was there choice weed doesn’t make you skip school weed doesn’t give you seizures unless you mix it with tobacco which is also a choice weed doesn’t make you smoke before school🤷🏽‍♂️

  9. When the rapper kid was talking about new drugs, I think that most drugs are going to "get boring" over time, except maybe cocaine and meth. I have done most classes of drugs, and I still think that cannabis is excellent. The only other drug I seriously consider taking is magic mushrooms. I know about smoking weed in high school and dropping out, as well as getting my GED. I happened to be a better self-teacher than a student, and spent my skipped school studying science and technology on the internet. I was the only person in the house to have high-speed (greater than 56k) internet at the time, because I used a usb wifi dongle with a cantenna to aircrack-WEP keys and then connect to neighbors networks. It was illegal, but I knew the law at the time because I researched everything I could, and I was also aware that after 18, crimes you committed as a youth are expunged and sealed, so any felony indictment for computer hacking would go away eventually. You really have to ask yourself what really would have served me better, self-education and rebellion, or being programmed and brought to conform. Maybe what these kids really need is Montessori education that will engage them, as I see the public school system as a failure in general, the best part is the library.

  10. In this video I only see retarded children with depression and anxiety everywhere, who "feel" great but are fucking stupid

  11. idk who told these kids chops give you fucking seizures. everyone I know chops and ive not heard of anyone having anything close to a seizure. worst case scenario you yack or pass out. think these kids are just fucking pussys.

  12. Thats really stupid. Wtf is muking. Who the fuck would have a seizure on mixing tobacco and marijuana. Won't harp on the fact that mixing is nasty cuz it helps on a slower burn when one's dankrupt. Dumb ass kids

  13. It’s called a moke and you’re supposed to load it to the stop of the bowlpiece and snap it in one hit idk wtf y’all be doin but y’all ain’t mokin it thas forsure

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