Weed Burner POWER UPGRADE to kill weeds faster – by VOG (VegOilGuy)

I prefer to use a weed burner than chemical weed killers, but they are slow. They kill the weeds but it takes a long time to burn them. A while ago I upgraded my …


  1. Interesting and I like your innovative approach, Howe we! with a weed burner you only really need to brush the flame over any leaves, up untill the point they turn blushish' they are dead and will soon dissapear. You save a lot on gas this way.😀

  2. Man what is this, this guy is perfect.
    He narrates like a linguistic expert, takes enough care to leave some informational or funny texts. Has great channel. He needs to be known I m gonna sub him.

  3. This maybe off topic on this video, but please read this. Help a yank out

    Going back to the veg oil foundry project you had going on. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe you were able to melt copper with it at some point. I wonder that, if you were to add a second Veg-oil burner to a single foundry, could it potentially become hot enough to melt steel or iron to some degree? What are your thoughts/concerns? (Please note, I'm currently unaware if veg oil has a 'max' burning temperature.)

    Cheers from the cousins across the pond!

  4. Nice mod. Try putting your gas bottle in a wagon (or on a hand truck/dolly/trolley) sometime. I think you'll appreciate the enhanced mobility.

  5. Yo vegoil guy. Iv got oneof these and was wondering if you could try something for me. Try using or modifying it as a burner for your old furnace. Im hoping tondo thus next year.

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