1. Good morning/afternoon/evening (depending where in the world you are watching from today!). Would love to know where you're tuning in from around the world! Let us know ❤️

  2. Hey guys. I just have to say that your videos have always been great, but lately, the quality and the shots have been awesome. Nice Job! Also, The past couple of videos have been great fun. Love seeing Becs family come for visits. It makes your videos corky, spontaneous and lots of fun to watch. You guys are too cute. Safe travels.

  3. Barcelona is my fav city. Be careful around Las Ramblas for pick pockets, but enjoy the market San Joseph, its is wonderful.

  4. Bro visit my beloved country Pakistan.

    I have been seen many your videos. you create awesome content. once time in a life you must visit Pakistan and you will amazed by hospitality of pakistani people, food and scenery of pakistan.

    I warmly welcome you to Pakistan.

  5. been spending like 0 time online recently with a new job and a quick trip out of cell range in Alaska.It was so nice to spend some time this weekend catching up on some quality youtube content!! Thank you for making quality thoughtful content that I can feel good about spending my time watching!

  6. Hello, from NW ohio!! I love watching you guys in all your travels.. I would love one of your stickers… but I dont drink hot drinks.. so sadly I wouldn't be able to get one with purchase.. can I buy just a sticker?!?!

  7. Below are the 15 countries that sold the highest dollar value worth of exported cork during 2018.

    Portugal: US$1.3 billion (62.5% of total cork exports)

    Spain: $373.4 million (18.4%)

    France: $104.6 million (5.2%)

    Italy: $56.7 million (2.8%)

    Germany: $34.9 million (1.7%)

    China: $25.5 million (1.3%)

  8. I’ve been in Portugal (cycling from Lisbon to Faro) all week! It’s so so beautiful! So sad I didn’t get to meet you guys though 💔

  9. I watched a week late this time 😭…am I able to buy the stickers since I missed out on the promotion? Thanks! Love you two!

  10. 🇨🇦️❤️🇨🇦 Great videos guys, thanks so much for sharing this adventure with us️. Truly LOVED The go-carts the best…. two thumbs up 🇨🇦️❤️🇨🇦

  11. Omg. We just did a kayak tour there this summer. Afternoons are not possible to get back. Had to get back by boat.

  12. Checking in from Indiana, USA. Love the European road trip! One of these days soon I'll buy some Chai. I wish I could buy your stickers, they are so cute!

  13. One more thing. I know you guys are right into your fitness and I reckon running with the Bulls is right up your alley. And you don't have to go to Pamplona to do it. Find some cattle grazing, jump the fence with your camera and run. Guaranteed to get good stats. Appropriate footwear a must. Definitely no Crocs 🙂

  14. Check out a BullFight while you're there. It's where the term Bullying originates. It's David (The Matador) and Goliath (The Bull)
    So when a kid is picked on at school by a much bigger kid and retaliates knocking over his foe, we celebrate his victory.
    BullShit? Of course it is…Everybody knows Bullying originates from Ice Hockey and is a technique used to restart play after a stoppage! 🙂

  15. Vegans don't Go Cart. They Go Fart. They don't do Horsepower. They use Watt to measure power.
    And Torque. Torque. Torque..plenty of torque!! 🙂

  16. Love your videos guys. How long do you plan on doing van life for? If money was no object would you buy a longer one? I’m looking to buy a Sprinter

  17. I guess that you'll be soon heading to Spain. I saw this the other day and thought you might be interested -> http://www.saloncaravaning.com
    If / when you park in Barcelona one of two might happen. One someone shouts afar real loud your names (that'll be me, so don´t run away, I'm a nice human beeing) or two you'll find someone sitting infront of your van "wathing" it (again, that'll be me) XD

  18. There's no "siesta" in Portugal…We're not spanish… 😉
    Portugal's biggest export it's not cork…but…we're the biggest cork producers in the world…fact!
    Hope you're having fun in our little country!

  19. I went to Lagos in the summer and it was amazing!If you go again then definitely check out the jet boat!You can book it at the discover stalls at the Marina.

  20. I think I just watched the last 10 videos you have posted and I LOVE your channel. I’m not one for vegan food but what you guys cook looks amazing! I love all then place you guys get to see. Glad I stumbled upon you guys. Love from Chicago 💕💕

  21. Aw Bec and her sister have such similar personalities! Love watching your guys' content all the way from Tampa, Florida!

  22. Ordered chaïwala and got the stickers in my order as a surprise! I didn't even know you were doing that, I just had ran out of tea 😂

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