Wake & Bake America 788: The Perfect Edible Dose, How Marijuana Can Kill You, & Cannabis Pollution



  1. Holy shit ! I bet he wont hit a rig ever again, especially when his lips probably swelled up like kim Kardashian's booty 😱

  2. Please don't compare Kratom to spice. Kratom is not a designer drug. It's an all natural leaf used as a mild stimulant and natural pain reliever. Please know what stuff your commenting about before making comparisons to irrelevant things.

  3. Terri is a girls name. Not Terry, Did you ever graduate high school. Quit using someone elses acct it's Lets Make A Deal time gotta go light the Master Kush.

  4. We Review marijuana and LEGAL CANNABIS products in Washington State. Check us out! CHEERS!!

  5. Stop making fun of Canada – it's a First World country with many different beautiful people and communities. It gets tiring watching every show listening to you Americans making undermining comments or snickering… There's many things Canadians don't have that Americans do – there's also many things Canadians have that Americans don't – like legal fucking weed across the entire country and a kindness and caring for all cultures – love you guys, but a little more respect would be really appreciated. 🤘

  6. Got a question for everyone …..diatomaceus earth …..for spidermite ???????……fucking alcohol is the gate way drug …..and I love telling people in uniform that ! It leaves them speechless ….

  7. The star spangled banner was about ft mchenry in the battle of Baltimore harbor in the war of 1812. … good thing you have a history ma in the dgc!

  8. I hope that person at least got to experience the nectar collector the right way after learning that tuff lesson 💚

  9. I live in a city, but a farming state. Good ol corn and soy beans. Yuck. Anyway, when it's fertilizer time; our entire city smells like cow shit for 3-7 days pending weather and how long they fertilize. It's disgusting to say the least, imagine all the particulates we are smelling/breathing. I live in a decent sized city too, about 100,000 population

  10. Dudes explanation of national anthem is product of mainstream brainwashing has NOTHING to do w race but about breaking free from our tyranny in England

  11. there's tons of plants tje have the same or similar Terps. what is the government going to do? get rid of all those plants for poluting our air? 😂😂😂 ridiculous the extent people will go to domonize cannabis.

  12. Man what the fuvk 8s wrong with you guys irs not marijuana its cannabis you guys rant and rave so let's not demonize cannabis with that shitty fuvkin racist word marijuana

  13. Yep, biggest difference between America and Canada is… no beaded cock rings in Canada! 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️😂😂😂😂

  14. Dude, now that you are Canadian you are not allowed to mock or disgrace our past presidents. Take that shirt off you dirty Canadian

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