Wake and Bake LIVE with Gary and Brandon!

Come sesh with us this morning! We’re talking about cannabis news of the week while having a morning coffee and smoke session. Enter our monthly giveaway …


  1. I'm really late here lol, but I just wanted to show my suppprt, so glad that you guys are back!! YouTube just wouldn't be as fun without you! 😆

    BTW… More pool videos!!😎

  2. It’s amp of the charger. Not only does it have to charge the battery but……. heat it up also. It takes a good bit of amps if it chargers fast then it uses a good bit of amps to do that and to heat the heater up… it can…. worked plugged in if designed to….
    so you say you need a tech guy? How about if I popped up in a Window on the side to explain the technical aspects of what ever you wish? I could give my opinion sometimes if you pop me back in my window? I think it would be pretty cool. To have the 3 guys and then have a 4th that pops in and out? I can see it now. I guess give me a call and let’s work it out?

  3. you should be sorry for being done so long!! 😉 jk. but, I've noticed all the weedtube channels have been ghost. Then, Crutch420 explained how everyone is getting demonetized and are having to rely on ads… which sux, fu youtube! Anyway, are you guys experiencing any of this and that's why you've been gone awhile??

    Like this if you want to see our weedtubers treated more fairly!

  4. The Live (from the studio) Friday Wake and Bakes must return! Even if prerecorded but live is better because us audience is involved in real time. I really do miss those! Who else?
    I honestly don't care for product reviews. Those are everywhere now. Yes, so are "wake and bakes" but the uniqueness brought upon by this dynamic duo cannot be replicated. Unless…. They have secret clones of themselves. 🙂

  5. Aww, you guys are growing up 🙂
    Weasel: It’s a goddamn fanny pack, and you know it, you sick son of a bitch! The difference is night and day.

  6. Super 80's retro look almost thought this waa boy meets wirld or Charles in charge fuck now i feel old lol. Awesome video guys.

  7. Gaylord fockers, who I happen to love the fockers what a great movie you two need to make a movie you guys make me laugh so bad it's awesome, you guys are good medicine for depression

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