1. (1) The user inhales 90-95% less harmful toxins, this dose not translate as 90-95% safer.

    (2) When you can't pronounce the name of the product, I'm guessing you're education is lacking.

    (3) Vaping isn't good, Atomized saturated hydrocarbons……

  2. i have vape and i use juice is 70% VG and 30% PG with tobacco,vanilla,caramel blend,cheese cake flavor.

    is that harmful?

  3. If smoking to vaping to this new thing has taught us its that smoking of any kind is habitual. Nicotine suppressing pills or patches make us sickly or agitated. The habit is the problem.

  4. I started smoking when I was 17 i was smoking a pack a day now im 27 years old. I tried everything to quit smoking the only thing that works is vaping for me i know vaping is harmfull and not good for health but its so much better from smoking right ? i can feel it I can breathe healthy again I do not get tired

  5. If anyone is interested. I smoke IQOS for two years, why iqos? Well because:
    After you smoke there is no bad breath and no stink etc in fingers/clothes..
    Also it has taste, amber, red, menthol, it just has different names and colors for it.
    I did start smoking more iqos then i did cigarets or vape. But the thing is the stick that heets up needs to recharge after every smoke up to 5mins soo.. also the guarantee. Doesnt matter what happens, you brake it, water it. They change it multiple times for free. Any Q:? Feel free to ask!

  6. IQOS stinks, really does. Smells like burnt plug. Finished iqos cigars smell and also the vapor itself. Btw, why called vapor? Where's the liquid?

  7. here is the thing people do whatver they want since it doesnt bother others you want vape and amoke iqos do it everyone will die one day and there isnt a 100% life style thats not possibale in this days so do what you want

  8. Vaping would be allowed everywhere smoking isn’t if some douchebags didn’t try and make as much visible vapor as they can. I routinely vape everywhere and anywhere, even surrounded by people in an elevator. No one is the wiser.

  9. I Vape 24 hours a day not constantly but if I wake up in the night I reach for it half a sleep it's addictive as hell. I've always got it with me. My doc told me it doesn't contain the toxic stuff that tobacco does my chest feels clearer than when I smoked cigarette. But like I said the addiction is real.as bad as cigarette.

  10. Why do you need to discuss which bad habit is the least bad when it’s clear that none of this shit is neccesary and all addicts are responsible for their own choice. Even if you have stepped into a shithole then you’ll step out when you want to, not looking for another shithole that smells better. That’s with smoking, if you can not quit then you just don’t want to, don’t look for an alternative.

  11. You all can and will quit eventually its all mental. Pack a day smoker for 11 years here and i did it. Aug 26th will be my year anniversary.

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