Vaping Lung Disease Outbreak: the TRUTH.

The information has been gathered and we now present to you the facts about the news media blitz about the Lung Disease Outbreaks and Death “linked” to …


  1. See people… Listen to people like this… Not the news… These are the people who KNOW VAPING…. NOT THE NEWS

  2. I Didn't even hear this story and kind of thought something fishy going on. It just seemed obvious like a bad movie plot

  3. Don't buy from street vendors who don't have any legal contractual obligation to not sell stuff like this, buy from retailers. Also, THC by itself can hurt you. That's where CBD comes in. It's designed to counteract THC's negative effects. THC should be used in some cases, but you can overdose on it by itself. And there's also stuff like fake weed. Especially when you find out a lot of these states these happen in, don't have legally distributed marijuana. Meaning black market purchases.

    Yet some people just want to put all vaping under the bus.

  4. Thanks for making this, i was scared as shit because they weren’t giving information and I didn’t know what to do.

  5. My friend has been vaping for about 10 years and everything is ok but people who vape for about 2 years are dying how is this even possible

  6. Excellent Video. We have the stigma up in Canada as well and it's getting worse now. I'm so tired of seeing and hearing the fear-mongering being spread about vaping. Vaping nicotine helped me quit a 42 year 2 pack a day habit; vaping saved my life. I don't vape marijuana in my vape – for me, that's not what it's meant for. Follow the money is exactly correct. Who stands to lose the most when vapers quit smoking by vaping nicotine? The "Big 3" stand the lose the most – the "Big 3" are: 1) the tobacco giants (who are now getting into the vape business themselves, btw), 2) government (tax dollars that go up in smoke) [Canadians pay a LOT of taxes on a pack of cigarettes] and 3) big pharma (those pharmaceutical nicotine replacement therapies are way more expensive then vaping nicotine and none of them worked for me) – the "Big 3" are losing big bucks and now they are taking advantage by spreading fear so people don't vape in general. Don't be a sheep; don't support the "Big 3" by spreading that fear – investigate the truth and make your own decision.

  7. When this story "broke", they had that disclaimer in there. That it is "unknown" what substance was used. THEY FREAKING KNEW FROM THE START that thc carts were contaminated. But they wanted to try and say just "Vaping" alone is causing deaths. It is all about MONEY. Period.

  8. Nothing worst than those that believe everything the media reports on. It is pathetic! It drives me crazy when people are telling me to stop vaping and my poor mom is super scared telling me to please stop. I have to explain to everyone what is the real cause and what is getting these people sick. The media is a joke and they should be banned. Shame on those producing these fake and illegal products, they should be arrested and thrown in prison.

  9. The human body isn't meant to be vaping 24/7. At most normal smokers only smoke like 20 hours a day. All that vape juice and vape oil, not even sure if it's fit for human consumption or left in the lungs.

  10. I cape around maybe a half of a pod to a pod a day but it is tobacco flavored juul brand from my local convenient store. I am sick right now and I am worried that it is caused by this

  11. Thousands of people’s lungs collapse every year, long before vaping. Just because someone has vaped and has a collapsed lung doesn’t mean it’s from vaping

  12. This video made me change my choice in liquid. Everyone used to say salts were the best, you should be using 50. After learning about how salts work and high concentration of nicotine, I'm going to start lowering the ammount of nicotine I'm taking in. Thank you for educating me. Ive sent this to my closest friends to educate them and keep them safe. Thank you.

  13. It would make sense that these cases are linked to the fake carts going around. Normal nic vapes are very likely not the culprit, or even dispensary carts. It has to be from these BOOF chronic carts and dank vapes. I myself smoked one of these things and had chest pain that i never get from other vapes or real thc products. Im not going off my own experience alone as all the cases report using these carts.

  14. OHH MY GOD 485 vapor linked lung illness so far?!?! How will we ever top the 480,000 DEATH PER YEAR cigarettes cause at this rate! This is bullcrap if I have ever heard it… No doubt that it is true and these people are suffering from having vaped but I also believe this is paid for media by big tobacco companies who have an EVEN MORE HARMFUL PRODUCT. LOL

  15. Very informative video. I kicked cigarettes by way of vaping in 2012, and have vaped since. Never had an issue, until recently having bought and vaped two 50ml bottled of 40mg salt. As enjoyable as it was at first, I have noticed a big difference in my lung health already. I bought a new bottle of 25mg salt (due to my device being a salt device) but apparently it can also take traditional juice. I think i'll be going back to traditional juice! 40mg is whack and was a bad idea to buy. All of these kids inhaling 50mg juuls will certainly have some sort of issue eventually from it.

  16. It’s so crazy that history repeats itself, like back in the 80’s where there was a string of Tylenol pills in random bottles that were laced with cyanide and killed so many people

  17. It's NOT vaping in general, it's the AMOUNT! LOOK at the cloud coming out of these kids! Don't blame vaping, just reduce the amount they can draw from the vape ! Anybody with half a brain knows that you can't put that amount of anything into your lungs at one time! Omfg!

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