Vanity Fair writer on Purdue's David Sackler's perspective on the opioid crisis

Oxycontin maker Purdue Pharma is offering to settle more than two thousand opioid lawsuits against the company. Bethany McLean, contributing editor for …


  1. This is a broad daylight robbery and lynching of a formerly respected pharmaceutical company. The U.S. has a drug addiction problem. The U.S. has not addressed public policy which would provide hope to high school graduates who have no future because the best jobs left their town. Attorney generals want to blame pharmaceutical companies? For what? They make FDA approved, medically necessary drugs. Shame on our attorney generals for killing decent companies.

  2. The Sackler family has profited from & has contributed to BIG TIME the opoid crisis in this country. This started in the 1990's with their marketing phrase " Pain Management." Until recently., mainly due to investigative reporting. & investigations by the DOJ, the Sackler family, through Purdue Pharma, encouraged doctors to prescribe Oxycontin to patients whether the patients needed the drug or not. Especiallly, in states like West Virginia, a state with a small population, which was flooded with millions of pills. West Virgiia has the highest OD rate per capita in the U.S. Doctors. & local pharmacies were paid well by Purdue for the more patients they precribed this drug to & the more pills per patient they prescribed this highly addictive drug to. All under the guise of "Pain Management." People unwittingly get HOOKED on this drug. Some people use this drug as prescribed. But "as prescribed" can be very relative, especially if a doctor profiited from prescribing more pills to the patient. Of course recently, because the light has been shined on the Sackler family & Johnson & Johnson, doctors have been kicking people who, unwittinigly, got addicted to Oxycontin off the drug. And the heroin dealers are waiting in every city & town in the U.S. These "Legal" drug dealers
    are just as responsible, AND MAYBE MORE SO, for contributing to the drug epidemic in this country as the illegal drug dealers – like El Chapo. A figure or 2 In Johnson & Johson & the Sackler family need to go to Jail.

  3. rule of law, transparency and justice have left America. everything will stay sealed the rich will be protected at all costs – just look at Epstein case.

  4. "this is the only path forward" for who ?
    the sackler family for sure
    what about all the victims?
    what about personal responsibility …
    unbelievable … they created a drug that is impossible to rehab from
    and pushed it to every client like a candy in a bowl after the doctor appointment
    and now its starting to spread globally …
    the mage those opiods will create in the next 20-30 years will be enourmous 10-12 billion …. sadly its a drop in the ocean

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