Vacuum Sealing Cannabis Buds for Long-term Storage

Looking for a way to keep your prized harvest fresh and free of mold or other potential harms? Vacuum sealing and freezing your cannabis buds is a viable …


  1. This is exactly what I am trying to experiment with. Get classic 20 strains and preserve & store it for ~5-10 years. I would appreciate if you would check that out and ask in case of questions.

  2. Excellent tutorial! I usually don't take so much air out that is crushes the bud or freeze it which make the trichomes brittle, but yeah it beats glass jars in that if you drop it they don't break, and it's much lighter, just keep it in the cool (at least below 72 degrees) and dark.  Finest kindness!

  3. Don’t store it in the freezer. In a cool place with no light. A kitchen cabinet away from the stove is perfect.

  4. if you were going to store it in the freezer. does it have to be bone dry before packing? do you allow it to defrost at room temp still sealed before opening to smoke? would the freezing process knock all the tricomes off and maybe make them all stick to the plastic?

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