1. I just stopped smoking weed and i took 3 day break then smoked 2 days and now im on my 2nd day of not smoking it… I think im going to try not smoking in 2020 but hopefully i get to 6 months sober before then!!

  2. Greetings from Russia man. New subscriber gained. Just a little tip: work a bit with a speed of your speech. It seems like most of the time you speak very slow and it's hard for you to find the right words and then suddenly you speed up like if you want to reach some timing 🙂 congrats on 1000 subs, keep it up.

  3. Great to see another video from you. Really glad you’re sticking with no weed. I’m trying to cut back myself, trying to moderate and use responsibly. Also trying to quit porn cuz that shit is actually terrible. You’re videos are super positive and helpful. Keep it up man

  4. Prepare yourself for the inevitable day when your mind will tell you that it isn't worth it and that you should give in to porn and fapping. Do this by formulating your "why" now and review it first thing each morning. Also repeat this several times each day: "Never give up what you want for what you want right now." If you can get past about three weeks, you'll begin to experience benefits that can help keep you going. With a few more weeks and a good attitude, your PMO-free lifestyle can be so rewarding that you'll love it and not even want to turn back. There will always be urges, but you'll know how to manage them. Meanwhile, take it one day at a time, and don't worry about tomorrow until tomorrow.

  5. I just seen your Chanel for the first time today. I’ve been struggling with marijuana, and in way that I couldn’t explain. I feel like it changed me into a different person after years of use, I realized I didn’t know who I was because it felt like I was never in a clear state of mind because my life is so dependent on smoking weed. You do so well at explaining the problem that I can never explain. I’m stepping my foot out and taking this journey with you. It feels good knowing I’m not going crazy lol.

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