1. Opening those little pods was a bitch and a half, then even after getting it open and putting some wax in it, half of it leaked out. The vape itself was dope though!

  2. Dank vapes just released their newest boxes and newest flavors bro!! Check out their intsagram!! The new boxes are colored and their hologram and holographic with a couple security features for fraud purposes!!! The new boxes are by far their best boxes ever made!! You also need to look out for new flavors like

    Venom OG
    Blueberry muffins
    Banana split
    Gods gift
    Cadillac cookies
    Lemon cookies
    Irish cream
    Cherry fuel

    Remember you heard it from me 1st bro!!😎😎💪💪👍👍


  3. Cool vid bro keep them up , think you can do a select cartridge review there freaking fire and would like to see how baked they get you lol

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