Tulsi Gabbard Introduces Bipartisan Marijuana Legalization Legislation

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  1. Trump already said he'll sign it just has to get to his desk. The last one didn't make it that far, so hopefully this one will.

  2. Maybe do one on biology, and climate change. Bugs disappearing, oceans rising in temperature and level, and religious attempts to trick the public into thinking scientists are in disagreement over it. Or not.

    Jamarl, you are killing it. When I get some more moolah, I'm sending it your way. I'm sorry I haven't yet.

    Keep up the fight.

    We are listening.

    And thanks.

  3. Having marijuana removed from schedule 1 should be the easiest court case in the world to win.
    take a shaky Parkinson's patient in front of a jury, and let him take 3 hit off a pipe…literally within 5 minutes, the medical benefits/possibilities will be a recognized fact.

  4. I like Tulsi, she needs to focus on reinstating Glass Stiegel. I am okay with legalizing Marijuana; but, it is not the big problem, people don't go to jail for smoking a joint for 20 years anymore. Lets arrest bankers that fixed markets.

  5. The drug war serves the dual purpose of locking up dissenters ("blacks and hippies") as well as providing a policy buffer against real change toward socialism that benefits the poor. What I mean by this is you have Establishment candidates who offer no or minimal socialistic programs for the poor but can offer the return of freedoms that were already guaranteed under the constitution, but only at a time when the country also wants massive systemic change, thereby weathering the progressive storm until it peters out by handing out that which they stole from us illegally to begin with. While maintaining the rigged economy that much longer.

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