Tracking Hurricane Dorian – Fake Reporting The New Normal – Prepare Now Outer Banks N.C.

Hurricane Dorian is pummeling the Bahamas and heading “dangerously close” to Florida Tuesday travel trouble: 1350+ flight cancellations …


  1. Who knew a walk through the woods would make you feel good? I'm guessing everyone who doesn't live in a city or their suburbs. And a FYI, I have property on Emerald Isle, and besides that one tornado that touched down Thursday ahead of the storm the island fared well and not much damage to speak of. It was a MUCH BETTER outcome than that of Florence last September.

  2. No one is saying the storm is fake but that it was man made – which is why these recent storms like Maria are category 5 and NO we do not have cat5 hurricanes all the time like you said..You are obviously oblivious to the type of technology available to the powers that be. You need to do some good RESEARCH. Unsubscribed.

  3. You Have "Jumped the Shark" I will be unsubscribing after this. Post. To attack and spew the venom regarding Mike Morales Channel…. Keep selling your wares & hype while the rest of us look for truths. How about this Stick to the GSM. & keep selling.

  4. You sound like a complete idiot calling others idiots. Takes one to know one. Hey you guys this guy has looked at all the pictures and video on the internet and decries real omg so hilarious. Don't watch and listen to others bullshit only mine. How do you have 52k subs. They must watch for the laughs.

  5. Mr. Oppenheimer, please state your views on the following. Does geo-engineering exist? Is there such a thing as chemicals sprayed into the atmosphere? Is so called 'global warming' true? Can earthquakes be predicted? Is there any reason we need to worry about the Antarctic being melted by humans, or was that a comment in your video made in a haze of dope? Who are you? And, if you are a man of information, why are you slandering so many other people on this platform? This is the second time I have been to your channel and the first thing you did was slander and curse other people's work as fake. The last time I came here you were slandering Dutch Sinse. I think it is time you put up your credentials and your science instead of debunking and slandering. I believe the word is 'put up or shut up'. This video proves nothing about Dorian. So, debunk everyone and prove they are not right, don't be a little, baby-bully on a playground. It makes you look like you are trying to stop questions from others and others uncovering truth. Reading something from the weather service doesn't actually educate anyone. And I think we get it now, you love to be stoned. Facts please… We will wait while you get yourself together. Back stabbing other YouTubers really makes me sick.

  6. You're the fake. Dorian was a weather weapon TPTB tested so they can do the same in larger scales in the future. Devastation in the Bahamas is real, but there was nothing normal about Dorian. Agenda 21 in full action. Weather weapons aren't conspiracy theories, they are fact.

  7. Everyone needs to use common sense. Evaluate the quality of the information and which are click bait or conspiratorial

  8. Dude, wake your ass up. You haven't a clue about weather manipulation and the ruling Kabal and how they ritually script these events as blood sacrifices because they are Luciferian as a whole and are advancing their Agenda 21 depopulation program. You are in denial reality. Btw, all those ritually staged shootings are also created by the cabal.


  10. You should be ashame of yourself to talk so bad of people like Mike Morales that is trying to wake up his fellow americans.! What are you doing to make people coming together against evil forces? Do you want to have all eyes on your channel? Seems like that ,- and talking bad about everyone else ! That is bad! You get what you put out in the universe. It always comes back to you if you do evil things to others . You are not to trust.

  11. so this is where Mike Morales got the awsm shout-out! LOL. btw this is a daily beast channel. no truth on the agenda here. see ya at Mike's!

  12. Also wanna say good job keeping people divided. Your a stand up human being… doing your job as good little sheep and fighting against your own team. Give them what they want and add negativity to those that follow you by bashing people with facts. Facts you can’t rebut. Only nay say…. well I say to you… baaaaaaaa

  13. Thanks Diamond 🤗 Love the new introduction 👍🏻 Prayers for all peope & creatures in the path of this hurricane 🙏🏻💞
    All the best to the Ranch 👍🏻 I'll hopefully catch you live again soon 🐱♏☯️🌻

  14. You just gained more mad respect from me knocking the Florida Maquis. He's such a hypnotic jerk, it's scary!!! He's like the pied piper of fools and suckers. I can't stand him

  15. You are doing a great disservice to your subscribers. You believe geo engineering exists so do you ever use common sense? So why didn’t they stop the devastation????? You need to do your research!!!!!! You sir need to STOP your disinformation. I notice you have not backed up anything you say with any research. Mike Morales and Never lose truth show evidence and you sir hav ZERO evidence. So until you do then you are the FAKE MEDIA. A bit jealous are you? I’m not here to listen to you. Just here to defend the good people you have slammed on your channel. I’m out and will not subscribe to nor recommend your channel.

  16. I began taking screenshots on August 30th of the NEXRAD when I first noticed Dorian near the Bahamas. Storms DON'T park themselves for 4 days.

  17. No one said it was fake. Manufactured and/or manipulated…YES. BS spewed by the main stream media…YES.

  18. I've struggled with only answer being The Creator knows ..truth, our hearts, mistakes and the evil control game being played. Those like you whose calling is to help us learn. Don't feel bad if you have to dumb it down like a 3rd grader it helps me, being blonde with brain injury. Strobel by marriage led me to Lee Strobel's works

  19. Gulf side of course is different where I grew up Sarasota/Mom in Sun City Center. I would only address the hype that causes people to freak where shelves are empty. So many times its never a big deal,1966 family have lived like Sarasota Bradenton even years before my Grandfather had a gas station in Tampa. Yes storms happen;That never addresses that IF it IS a bad storm that many will be stuck on roads trying to get someplace safer. Roads are not design to handle how many folks living on this grand sinkhole Disney ride. Some idiot said "Oh Sarasota is lovely" they all came and ruined it. I shared your forecast with my Mom who at 73 deserves to not worry. Bless you and your family and the work you do to speak as a Righteous man Truth shall set us free from fear. I want some day to afford a t-shirt with that slogan that tongue ties of Piss Poor Planning. What a better place our world would be if teachers like you controlled what are youth need to know-self preservation. Wow would that have been a way to make this country great again. You are a very special gem, Diamond.

  20. WOAH!!! You need to back up. Your part of the problem… NO ONE SAID THE STORM WAS FAKE. The damage is real, however mainstream media is notorious for faking numbers. Look up the wind speeds on government satellite websites and compare that with what mainstream said.
    Before you point fingers do your own research and find out the facts. Not just watching videos… fact check numbers the mainstream pushes. Do your due diligence!

  21. OMG.. do not tell others about forest bathing.. these people cannot understand stop.. let alone respect nature.. they are killing nature.. but if they do want to help nature.. help me get these lanternflies off my native smooth sumac!

  22. Crazy weather WOW. WTF storm is not fake. most people need get there head out of their ass. Big time. WTF. Thank u the ranch project for great information you the truth.

  23. Sir – get your facts straight. Mike Morales never said it was a "Fake" Storm. He backs up his assessments with Data which he shows to his audience. DO you??? It is a Geo-Engineered Storm. Do More Research.

  24. Florida Marquis that guy is such a dick! O m p s he was Military Intelligence in the army I can tell you how I feel about those guys but we'd be here for a while.

  25. level 2 cognitive dissonance, Diamond ;( . Maybe just maybe someone besides you knows something you haven't considered, noticed? Is your head so far up your ass that the only voice you can hear is your own? Isn't there enough division that calling others names because you're not the only one getting the attention? Your ignorance is showing, might want to zip it. Would you like some coffee with that "hurts doghnut"?

  26. LOL, This guy should be driving a clown car, he is a lying fool and desperate to discredit Mike Morales and Florida Marque, that was all I had to hear, a waste of time tuning into this shill, seriously to many people know the truth about weather modification so for you to repeat the same lies as the MSM clowns is hysterical. Hey at least we know who's side he's on.

  27. I don't have doubts about some weather manipulation, but hurricanes have been doing strange odd things since we new of their existence. I have been through multiple retired named hurricanes in my 60 years on this planet living on the Coastal Bend of South Texas, including 2017 Harvey and Celia which hit us point blank and destroyed our town and left us with no water or electricity for months. Helicopters had to fly water and supplies in. There was so much devistation that you couldn't move far without putting your life in danger.

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