Top 9 BEST & HIGHEST THC cannabis strains of 2019 ~Marijuana Experts~

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  1. Curmudgeon Asshole mode:) Don't tell me what the high is like (one day when I see ANY research showing consistency of effect across users and across individual plants – maybe); don't tell me it was "designed"; tell me what it grows like; smells like and tastes like (pheno and chemotype)and that's all FFS.
    Your not selling corporate team building events, or sanitary products.
    Just don't piss in my pocket at tell me it's raining.
    Thank you, have a nice day 💩.

  2. After watching a TED talk on medical marijuana, I've become concerned when I found out some growers are using pesticide on their plants. This could become problematic if a patient dies or becomes extremely sick from the chemicals on the plants. Please growers, keep your weed organic, and free of pesticides. Thank you.

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