1. Stayyyyy awayyyyyy frommmm ramen it’s so dangerous I thank god i didn’t get cancer but my stomach hurted for 3 days

  2. Lol well to be honest, living gives you cancer, so it is what it is, we are gonna die anyways, why try so hard to eat soo healthy when you might get cancer or some other bullshit anyways?, fuck it just live life, try to enjoy it, and don't fight it.

  3. I agree that eating healthy and avoiding food has preservatives is good, I switched to organic, also fried foods can caused cancer too which I try to avoid as well, more steaming is great and if we use oil we should use the one which are cold-pressed :), for high heat frying I use “sunflower oil” as I knew oil is essentials also for our body as for functions, great video! thanks for sharing!

  4. Cancer can be caused by an unhealthy, inactive lifestyle. This includes our daily sedentary-like schedules and poor diet. Food isn’t meant to be mass manufactured in factories with tons of preservatives, or mass produced in corporate farms with the use of pesticides, GMO’s. Sugar is a huge contributor; the average American and even Canadian likely consumes too much simple sugars. Cancer thrives on these, and is compounded when you already have a poor diet and not enough daily exercise.

  5. How do we know the organic food selling in stores is really organic? They can just put labels on the average food

  6. Pretty sure the strawberries that stay relatively fresh looking for a week in the refrigerator is suspect…I bought untreated strawberries once. They were literally rotten the next day.

  7. And as for doctors … I know many family & friends sent to an early death because a doctor didn't listen or gave a wrong diagnosis.

  8. Cancer isn't one thing Its just a word for multiple conditions all different in nature. No two so called cancers are the same.

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