In this video we go over the top 10 BEST POD SYSTEMS for 2019. Don’t buy a vape pod without watching this first! Help support the channel! Click the links …


  1. I've would of put the smok Nord before the novo! Because it has a bigger battery and you can change the juice even if it is not empty, not like the novo its closed pod fill up.

  2. why are there no good replaceable coil pod systems for 50 nic vapers? All the new ”technology” (which is just mesh coils btw) are only for 25nic and under which is just bs, i want good flavour too and a coil that can last me more then 2 days. And wtf is this trend with pod systems not having a window to view your liquid?? it's the most retarded sh*t ever like i wanna see how much juice i got left so i know when to refill

  3. guys i need help, i have the smok nord and it just fucking leaks and im sick of it, i like its battery life but is the novo really better? nord costs more lol

  4. I ordered one of the Rincoe Ceto pod systems off a website called shipping took a week but I only paid $18 and the shipping was free. I like it so far. They sell the pods to they're pretty cheap price. You never mention where you got yours from though.

  5. 8/10 of these devices leak. Orion q only I’ve tried every single one of these fuckers and lost vape quest was the only one smart enough to put the fill hole and the air hole on top to where is doesn’t leak in any internal parts.

  6. nice review , however, you did not include Unwell Caliburn I'm sure this is the best pod in the market after Orion DNA .. 😉

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