1. Wouldn’t compare yourself to Kelsey if I were you. She literally has what people refer to as “the suicide disease” bc it’s so painful people sometimes kill themselves and it actually isn’t cureable

  2. I have cervical kyphosis and it feels so nice when someone pulls my head away from my body. I think I would love that neck hammock!

  3. Thank you for this video!!! I have 2 herniated disks in my lower back that have given me chronic pain for 2 years and I can’t have surgery because I’m 23 and too young for it. But I have heard of these products and never used them because I didn’t think they work until this video. So thank you and I’m glad your getting better!!!

  4. I totally understand you I broke my tailbone a few years ago and a piece of the bone healed on top of my nerve and I have severe chronic pain to this day I go through it every single day of my life and I know what you're going through specially with the neck pain cuz I have some fucked up discs there as well i just told my doc i eant surgery he put in the request to my insurance im just waiting for the approval in scared vut u cant take it anymore.
    I am so sorry that you're going through this you're one of my favorite people and I never even met you in person but you seem like such an amazing human and I love your content plus I'm such a huge fan of your personality cuz I love it I know if I ever would have met you in person we'd be dope ass friends.
    my 6 yr old bby girl always says how pretty u and joslyn are bc i watch yall all the time ❤. i hope u get better i know it sucks so bad😥 .

  5. Fibromyalgia… Doesn't have any outward signs and sometimes doesn't hurt sometimes does and yeah, people don't understand pain like that

  6. This back ache guidebook is really a treasure, look for Google "Kemzαnο Loni". My severe chronic back pain was basically treated because of it. But it will help me to set in my side or back that will help relieve a few of the muscle spasms. . .

  7. I hate having the invisible illness thing nobody understands why I can’t function like a normal fucking human until I vomit or pass out from pain
    So fun

  8. When I was 5 I had a virus that ended up going to my hips and I couldn't walk for 2 and a half months and now, at 21 I still feel chronic pain in them especially if I walk a lot but my doctor said there's nothing they can do I hate it

  9. This is literally the most relatable thing because I also have chronic neck and back pain and it sucks. None of the doctors know how to help anything.

  10. Thank you lily. It is hard having a chronic pain problem. I have an auto immune disease. Pain has become a daily thing. I'm definitely going to give some of these a try x

  11. I have Chiari 1 and i totally agree with the constant pain at a 4 with pain med and muscle relaxer.. silent pain..no one can feel your pain and or see your pain..I look like a normal healthy person..and its hard to have people understand your pain..i hate the stigma of a chronic pain dx. I went to numerous drs. and one practice listed chronic pain under a psychological condition.. pain is real..its not just in our heads..

  12. Thank you for this. I couldn’t relate more. I’m 20 years old and and my chronic pain gets invalidated by a loooot of people because I’m so young, and when I try to explain it’s caused by my lack of motivation from depression and worsened by my anxiety tension, older generations actually laugh at me, ha. But I will be breaking my bank account to try some of these, literally anything for a chance to feel better 😂😂

  13. THANK YOU!!!
    I'm experiencing months of pain in my neck,shoulders and back… It got so bad that there are moments that I don't have feeling in my left arm or the feeling it's numb or sleeping. weird AF!
    Since last week I went to my doctor. After months, almost a year of pain… I just had enough… Since this week I go to the Physical Therapist.
    I was so hopeless… After a massage I'm okay for some hours… but the next day… all over again. I live in Belgium and I'll start searching for some of these products.
    Lily, you are amazing. thanks for this video!
    I hope and wish, we'll Both can get rid of these pain sensations… I hope every person that commented on this video with the same problem can get rid of it! it sucks!

  14. Every single thing you've mentioned that gives you a bit of relief or e.g. that you wish someone would dig their elbows into your back, the back arching thing…***ME*** Today was a bad back day. I have a spot in my back that is actually numb. It tingles sometimes and gets itchy…I scratch the area and get no relief…because the spot is numb. I've had chronic back pain for about about 13 yrs. On bad days, like today, I'll literally go to a bathroomcubical and lie on the floor on my back. I dont EVEN care that it's a bathroom floor (its clean anyway), I just want a minute of relief. My back is worse when I'm stressed at work. I know it's also alot of emotional crap I'm holding in. When I have a good old "ugly cry" (Oprah reference) my back feels a bit better…'cos of the release of emotion.

  15. Seriously, that last bit you said was gold. I can totally relate. So many people miss that. How else are you supposed to look when you’re young and you’re constantly in pain ?
    This video was so helpful! Thank you!! ♥️I’m sharing it and subscribed. 😊

  16. I have a lot of chronic back pain. Dont really know what to do so thanks for this. Dr is supposed to do back xrays soon so hopefully i will have some answers.

  17. My step mom has chronic back pain, and exercise helped her immensely! Maybe look into exercises that could help your back?

  18. Not only do I have Trigeminal Neuralgia (like Kelsey) I also suffer from quite severe neck pain which was worsened by surgery for TN…☹️ This video was amazing. It was filled with some incredible products. My amazon list just got longer.

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