Toddler Chain-Smokes Through 2 Packs of Cigarettes a Day

This toddler has a shocking habit! New footage shows the Indonesian child puffing away on cigarettes in front of his smiling mother. He’s been chain-smoking for …


  1. WTF he must be ashamed of himself for scring so stupid and smoking at 2 years old he is probarly dead right now because of his actions

  2. I’m embarrassed. Why do these dumb people have to be Asian. Well, I’m not surprise about them saying “yes” to cigarettes

  3. Doctor: WhY does he have lung cancer?

    Mom: cause I have him cigarettes

    doctor: you shouldn’t be giving him that

    Mom: AND I OOP

  4. this is the grossest thing I have ever seen in my entire laugh. what the HELL is wrong with this terrible mother??

  5. You will lose your throat when ur already old I remember when I saw a guy in a street and I heard him saying "I used to smoke cigarettes 2 packs as a day" he was using a machine and also he said this "I lose my throat you don't want to see it"

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