Time To Fly EasyJet, GorillaGrow 2019, Plant Training Flowers popping everywhere

time for a last minute work trip… I’m running around to feed all the plants, it’s going to be a hot few days and need to make sure the girls can handle it… La Mota …


  1. Love your channel. Why would you not plant the container plants in the ground vs leaving them in a pot? Just curious as your stuff planted looks so good. Cheers.

  2. Love the bamboo song voice of a angel 😂 plants are looking amazing good work 👊
    I think it will be birds on the bamboo!

  3. Totally Amazing and Truly an impressive video! Your an inspiration Tiger! I'd follow you anywhere! Lol I loved seeing the different growth changes and that lowstress method of laying a piece of cage on top is freaking mind blowing yo! Master Grower status T! I ain't even strated in on the way your tree top grow! That's wild child! I can't wait to see what happens with that! Thank you

  4. Good job bro 👌 you can't beat Outdoor growin what you learn on the outside you bring into the indoors with banging results in the long run trust 😁 people who don't listen don't succeed pal

  5. Bro if the asshole,s who left that car door that u complained about see ur post they know where ur patch is m8.I hope I'm wrong coz I totally support wot us said and do so hope I'm wrong. All thr best bro

  6. Yess brother!!! Fantastic once again never fail to brighten the day!! Hope all is well brother!! I'm having a break from instagram still watching on here untill I'm back 💚🤙👌🌟😑🇬🇧

  7. Hi bro, hope you and yours are all well and what could be better than finishing work on a friday tea time than coming home to a Tigerfish vid….icing on the cake my brother! Can you tell me how long you keep the squares of "chicken wire" or "mesh" on top of the plant please? Cheers bro. Love, light and peace.

  8. Cant say alot mate….. you are fucking smashing it brother!! 💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚

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