1. A friend gave me these seeds.
    I planted them
    And boom this is the exact plant I have.
    Tall skinny gangly thing
    So I bread for seeds
    Now I have lots of seeds.
    Going to grow now and cross fingers for female plants to ripen.
    Not sure cbd or thc.
    When I took the seeds from the plant it was so icky sticky. And he smell is different from an Indica.
    It’s appealing because of the time it takes to trigger the sex as opposed to the light.
    I hope it has some thc.
    Can’t wait to smoke it.
    Thanks for the video
    You rock!

  2. time lapse always works better if the camera is kept in one place…
    oh well. the bee and the drop of water make up for it i guess…

  3. Thank you so much.
    If you have any personal tips you've found for keeping the buds moist could you please inform us?
    My buds from ruderalis tended to dry out faster than my Indica and sativa strains.

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