This is my first time smoking CBD Flower 🔥👌🏾

This is my first time smoking CBD Flower Link to Purchase My Merch: (EVERY …


  1. Came here to share that I’ve been smoking CBD @ 16% with .5% THC for the past few days and it’s UNREAL how powerful the combo has helped my anxiety. I don’t feel high, I can go to class and concentrate without having a usual daily panic attack that I ALWAYS get. It has helped my muscle pain as well as my anxiety and even eased my hypochondria! Honestly. People sleep on it but it’s golden flower

  2. At Colorado Hemp Institute we provide farmers all across America with hemp plants for their fields, then harvest the plants flowers and extract the oils for CBD. CBD is used to supplement your body's own endocannabinoid system encouraging it to perform more efficient and effective. This has been proven to help with a wide range of medical issues. John and Jody Lyons have created an amazing atmosphere here at CHI and we produce nothing less than a product of the purest form. Each batch is third party tested for purity and cannabinoid percentages. Results are on the website. 💚

  3. Be careful. If some cop was unintelligent and didn’t have an open mind to what is legal, they could try and give you a DUI, even with the car parked and engine off.
    Or they could listen to you explain how it’s legal, and let you continue minding your own business.

  4. I just ordered half oz last night I can't wait to try everybody seem to be pleased with the CBD flower and feel good

  5. Really want to try this and need an honest answer. When I first smoke actual weed with thc I had a huge panic attack and freaked the hell out. I heard CBD doesn’t make you freak at all is it true? I really want to know what it’s like and I heard it’s so relaxing I just don’t want to smoke weed with thc because it makes me freak out. Any recommendations?

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