1. Only one kid I know of that I went to school with ended up making a lot of money and that was because he became a pro baseball player. Nobody became rich entrepreneurs. I learned next to nothing about money in school except how to add and subtract small amounts to if money just to give change. Oh I also learned in how to write a check in one class. Nothing about investing, minimizing debt and entrepreneurship,.

  2. What a crock of shit, the poor are greedy, not the rich! WTF is this guy on about, the poor or working class aren't greedy, we're struggling to survive you egocentric TWAT!

  3. As well, you have to be attractive in order to climb the ladder from nothing. There's no way to actually come back from being poor. The real mistake is that people think it's a mindset. It's not a mindset. Money is an actual thing. A material. A material that some are not able to obtain. These guys just don't get it. Of course if you have a rich dad you'll end up rich. Because he handed you down the money. Duh.

  4. Thing is, once you've been produced from the system a poor person, that is what you'll be, forever. It's impossible to come back from that. Especially if your parents are poor. It's a caste system. Seriously. This guy has to be about as dumb as they come. "I had a rich dad and a poor dad. The rich dad thought rich. The poor dad thought poor." Now he's doing great. Why? Because he had a rich dad and some hefty hand-me-down cash to work with. You don't get money by believing you're not poor. You get money by GETTING PHYSICAL MONEY.

    You greatly offend people who are actually struggling in life. Imagine if you ONLY had poor parents. You would be singing a totally different tune right now. And not just because of your mindset. We don't conjure money from thin air. Your mindset doesn't do shit for you until you actually have money. If you can't get that money in the first place, then it truly is a system designed to keep you down. But since it's situational, all of the retarded capitalism-worshippers will just say "Hubhubhubhub, save money hubhubhubhub". Well have fun with your easy money. Some of us don't get to just have money when we decide we want money.

  5. Also, here is another fact. The Rothschild family are the demons of this planet. They're the reason for most of our problems.

  6. Did you know 'School' was initially designed to get younger children accustomed to work longer factory hours back in the industrial revolution?

    If you want to learn to be a billionaire/millionaire ask a billionaire/millionaire how they became a billionaire/millionaire. Don't ask your English or math teacher how because if they knew, they wouldn't be teaching you math or English.

  7. I’m in danger and other make people Let me many things believe things to make my not to believe and
    Every one say not what happen. They wanne kill me and they want let criminals go away

  8. If you see the glass as half empty people call you negative, but if you only see the full half you'll never have the drive to obtain more

  9. Just as I say, school teaches you to be an employee, they teach you to be poor, and they teach you to be a beta male. So yeah the school system is garbage

  10. best quotes:
    'a question opens the mind. A statement closes the mind.'
    'you point a finger forward, three are pointing backwards.'

  11. He has some good quotes. Word becomes flesh. A question opens the mind and a statement closes the mind. Your language and your self talk do determine your life and reality to some degree. I believe that most people don't just suddenly become rich. Quite often they come from a privileged background. They are raised within a culture that supports their privilege, whether it be a structural advantage, being a young white male, having people within your family who are already wealthy and who have already established themselves as successful business people. If you start with that advantage, you're already living and breathing that mindset, which is to basically use the rules to your advantage. It does not surprise me at all that the poor stay poor. There are reasons for that. People remain poor because of their background, their culture, their lack of privilege, their lack of access to resources, opportunities and luxuries that wealthier people have automatically, from the second they are born.

    Of course you can change your mindset at any point. But it is much more difficult to do some if you're coming from an underprivileged background where you are already behind from the get go. In order to get to that point and in order to realize that you can realize anything, manifest anything, you do need to be privileged with people who are successful. You definitely need a little bit of luck or a couple of guardian angels. It's definitely not as easy as he makes it out to be.

  12. It teaches us to be slaves. Society could not survive with everyone at the top. Some figure out how to be free of it and do well on their own. Some become slave masters.

  13. You are programmed to be afraid of being poor, you are not programmed to be poor. A poor if he always had been poor, or even someone who always was content with the minimum he have never his situation will bother him ! This world is made for you to be afraid, your brain is a gold, your emotions is diamond to them, human don’t want be sad, afraid, traumatized, once they create this negativity around the word “poverty” and teach your brain to be afraid of it they can do everything they want from you, they use fear on us, and this is how Donald Trump have been elected. This is how they made you think 9/11 was an Islamic attack so you can hate them, so they can justify their intervention in the Middle East to steal the black gold. This is how every singer pop star are so fucked up look at their past all children traumatized by a family situation or social situation… stop sleeping… stop sleeping!

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