1. Im sorry but the talking of politics was kinda a buzz kill i nean i dnt like trump 100 percent n u cannot trust any form of gov or presidebt past present or future they allvhavevtheir iwn agenda n i dont agree with 95 oercent if givernment shit and i mean trump is not pres for the money he donates his salary so he wants the piwer n thats scarier but i do think trump has like others befor him inherited a mess n i dnt thi k neone knows how to fix it but i do like hes not taking his sajary id like to know were its donated to a charity ir to pay off deficet i duno but we all know u cant trust even the ones that r "good guys" u cant trust so i just wish the cannabis industry wasnt just about the money n more anout the patients . Lov the show

  2. What up sub Farmer John and mr. Spliff introduced me to you and one of their favorite strands was the plushberry right after I heard about it you discontinued it I see you're growing one in the video will you be selling plushberry seeds anytime soon thank you for all the great content happy growing

  3. Would love to see sub on the dudes grow show…
    Great interview,just waiting to happen.
    So,how do we get it done?

  4. Sub, have you watched Maynard's interviews with Joe Rogan? You really get to know the real Maynard. He's a pretty fucking intelligent person. Dude has his time management and happiness figured out. Great Weed Nerd Sub! Thanks as always!

  5. Yet Another great episode. Thanks for sharing Sub. And yes I believe you are correct. A clone doesn't have a tap root,they have fibrous roots. So when put in a big yard they get a little overwhelmed and then watering becomes an issue. Cheers Dude.

  6. Let me start by saying much love my brother, you ARE KIND. Man this was, is an epic series, I kept it to watch over and over. The grand father of cannabis ,,,Ed,, and the Mad scientists,,Subcool,, . Man I was so moved seeing you 2 together. I'm an old school grower, that has Always followed Ed, bought EVERY Damn book he put out. I learned how to grow from his books,from the very 1st seed hi ever put in the ground. I've tried watching these new young cats videos, and no disrespect to them , but I just can't do it. Leds, and the whole new life of the new era. But I'm 62 yrs young. I just want you to know I put you right there with Ed. I love watching him puff on his cigar.I recently lost my home to a fire. And I had very book he had, all my grow equipment,which I'm not any kind of professional grower, or nor did I have a big operation. I just grow for mine and a couple of my vet buddies . I am a disabled vet and have 3 or 4 close buddies that are all disabled that I tried to help out with meds for us. I am in a wheelchair so I'm very limited in what I can do. But let me tell ya, I can get on the floor and in my tents by golly. I love to smoke my own meds that I grow myself, and I love spending time in my tents. Its so thereaputic. Anyway I am back to the beginning and have started from fresh. Like I said I lost everything. But out of my whole home I have to say my book collections of Eds, and my bean collection from you were some of the top 5 things I really treasured. I will never be able to replace that. But I'm working on it. Anyway enough of my crazy life. I can't keep crying over spilled milk. Its just like when I got these round legs , I just have to make it work. But when I watched this episode it shot me back to the days of running through the woods to be able to grow. FUCK, I miss those days. Lmao. But just wanted to share with you brother what it meant to me to watch you 2 talking back and forth, sharing ideas , spreading the love of growing, but also the, commorodity you 2 have. Man know it brother that you are a blessed man, that has faught his way to the top. You are man of growing knowledge, that I don't you realize what you do for people. Any way Sub, You keep on doing what you do best brother, and I hope you the best in your life's quest. Much love and respect brother. P.s I'm fixing to place an order of beans from you. Do me a favor , sign the package for me so I have your autograph. As I said I'm starting my whole bean collection over, and would greatly Honored to have your signature on a pack of beans, I will put it in a shadow box frame and hang it with pride. Later daze my brother, Rock On.

  7. Hey Sub just picked up packs of scarlet queen, astro snaps and bloodberries. I met you a couple years back at a so-cal cup right after the fires. You were nothing but kind and even offered me some hash to toke on. I have always been a fan and watch every weed nerd episode. Cheers brother keep up the good work.

  8. Ed is such a legend. I read his and mel franks bible cover to cover many times back in the late 80's early 90's. I still practice much of what I learnt from him.

  9. I also feed my plant juice to my plants, as well as myself! Another cool vid! Tnx, Chief Growmie! Cheeo!

  10. Hell yeah Subcool TV!! I was looking forward to hearing the part two with Ed, Such a fun, and informative episode as always. Cheers from Canada

  11. Sub gotta question . So I popped some beans . Had a twin . Both viable now doin great in veg . First time for me in 15 yrs this has happened . Will one be a male and the other a direct clone of mother plant . I’ve read lots of conflicting shit . If one is direct match of the mother plant . I’m gonna mother this bitch out and spread . Orange Velvet clones all over okla . Lol .

  12. Right on Ed. Walmart employees collect billions of dollars in welfare every year in America. Living wages would save us 100s of billions in government waste. Remember when libertarians and the 'fiscally conservative' used to pretend to care about government waste? They chose corporations and people like the Waltons over the rest of us.

  13. I'm lucky I've always had great success rates with my clones 98 to 100 % . I just start In peat pellets with heat mat , tray and humidity dome normally have roots in 5 to 7 days

  14. Tim got fired cuz of his mouth acting like he was big with the company and they just met him and he’s nothing with company .not you sub cool or your show . They said nothing about black market anything. Keep rockin and i’m pumping out that good information brotha .this was a good show !

  15. Subcool, the pool looks so much better. Good job. I've been through the russets and had to start over also. Thanks for all your teachings and bringing guys like Red along for the ride.

  16. Hey! Brotha! My uncle Bear taught me back in the day to stick the tip of a razor in or through the stem up and down the stalk before dipping in clones. We have had roots in three days before! I love to listen to the wisdom of the Ole Timers.

  17. How much weight do you average from your 15 gallon pots? Really loving the interviews you have with everyone. Thanks for another awesome video Sub !!

  18. Loved what Ed had to say about changing the psyche in this country never heard truer words but I don't agree with him on the auto flowers I've been growing for a good many years and I've tried them for the first time this year and I'll never waste my money on them again they do not produce nowhere near as much resin or THC content that photoperiods do nor yield nowhere near as much waste of time awesome to see you finally got plants in the flower part of the pool congratulations my friend love the episode

  19. Yeah I didn't let my super soil cook long enough in the spring, and it burnt a little through out the season. just got a slight claw, but never lost the leaves. But yeah I know what happens if you don't let your super soil cook long enough.

  20. maynard makes KILLER wine, 'Caduceus' they are even working with Angels Envy bourbon to make a special release colab that will be Angels Envy finished in Caduceus barrels. That shit will be amazing, Angels Envy is great stuff, and considering it will be finished in Caduceus barrels instead of the average 'port wine' it will be exceptional quality without a doubt. i cant wait to get a bottle

  21. Hey Subcool anyway you can go over a detailed way of drying and curing your flower , I’m having issues with smell and flavor of terpene with my flower harvests…….. I’m limited to dry room being temp of 75-85 and Rh at 50-60% Thanks 🤓😎💯

  22. Auto flowers on 2ft centers in an acre equals 6000 pounds… every 7-9 weeks, think about that… photoperiods on 4-6ft centers equals 3000lbs at best every 12-14 weeks… game changer for sure… indoors, autos only need one room, photos need 3… additionally, autos use one pot from seed to harvest.. it’s hard to resist

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