1. 1:25 – Fuck Yeah! I love growing heady organic nectar collectors in my garden! Experimenting with growing a few Peaks this year as well.

  2. I was going to buy some seeds but the politics and these fucking people watching the mail now days sucks. I am in Arkansas so they want it to be for medical then they don't then they do they cant make up there fucken mind man there still busting peoples balls tho for mail shipping so I am going have to wait a bit and see how things lay sucks because i real could use the generics but not going to Cali any time soon or Arizona so im stuck on waiting for these fucking politicians.

  3. That's cool, sub, it's hard to find happiness in this world nowadays, peace brother and much respect, thanks for the inspiration to keep pushing on in life, and keep my chin up. 👊🤘

  4. Fucking Awesome brother!! You got you a new little fam. and what sounds like an awesome gal! I'm so happy for your brother, much love to you and the family, including your work family, PEACE!

  5. Hey Sub! Love the video as always. I noticed that the Blueberry is just not growing up to par. I've been growing that strain for a bit and I use the Nector of the Gods line with decent soil and she loves it. Just a suggestion to get that Blueberry where it needs to be…

  6. A subby…. Bought some beans finally!!!cherry gazem,vanilla tart,and deep purple!!!!! Maaannn I can’t wait to get started 🤞🤞😉

  7. I just wanted to say that I really truly appreciate your savvy. It is always nice to hear someone who is passionate about helping others. I have been watching for like 10 years or something like that and love it!!

  8. Subby, Looking good over there !! Bet that place Stinks lol & So glad to Hear the LOVE is Back !! Cant wait till she is Ready to Meet all of us !! Thanks Sub and keep dropping video on you tube………

  9. GREAT Show!! 38:50 I think its #JarTech Sub! just put fresh pressed hash rosin into a jar (w metal lid) and seal it. wait for 3-4 days. Crystallization may happen as soon as 24 hours after sealing.

  10. hey sub rather than put more ice in the washer i would recommend peeping the water with ice in the rez. the water does all the work the ice maintains the low temp.

  11. Thank u for the videos subcool. It's a privilege as a new grower to watch your videos and learn from them. U and a few other channels are the best around and I hope to see many more weed nerd episodes.

  12. there seems to many people out there who enjoy those IPA beers and double and imperial IPA beers. I'm sure there would be a good demand for an extremely sour tasting bud since hops and cannabis are so related. hops grow wild in Pa. I don't know if you ever took a good look at a male hops flower, but it nearly identical to a male cannabis flower. Google it

  13. One thing its not is kyle fuvkin kushman star dog he had nothing to do with it what so ever it was bred by jjnyc from top dawg seeds give credit where its deserved sub cool and kyle deserves apsoloutly none what so ever he was gifted the seeds

  14. Congrats my man, It's great to see you truly happy again! Thanks for another great episode and continuing to educate folks on how to grow pure Dank!

  15. I told ya told ya told ya lol that cuv'ee was going to take over that pool and be a fev nice job sub mine looks just like yours chocolate coffee is what I get off of her but seen other kinds. Keep up the nerd vids they go a long ways brother and keep on smashing lol looks dam tasty weed nerd for life smokedog gardens

  16. LOL some firewood in that bad boy! never heard that expression before. Definitely gonna recycle that one 😉 Thanks for the content Sub.

  17. And 5 points for playing the best band this world will ever know; Rush. Great show…and if it's not said enough; thank you for the time and energy I know it takes to put this sort of thing together.

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