1. I'm the same way. Sub, all somebody has to do us ask me , I've been stabbed in the back several times. That's why I don't have very many friends, just a chosen breed. I'm new. To this social media, and I'm learning that you can tell a lot about spmebody, just on how they. Comment on something. I've noticed peaple don't hold back when they don't have to be in Pearson. Peace brother much respect.

  2. Bro, loved the mendo dope story man. During this video with hykreations and I was hoping you could tell me the name of the bug treatment product discussed in that video? Thanks kindly, Brian

  3. Would love to see another upload soon, sub. Just nice keeping up with the weed nerd and what not. Hope all is well, and God bless from Oklahoma

  4. Hello Sub! I was wondering if you could help me out? I want to do a small batch of your soil. Instead of the recommended 8 bags of base soil I only want to use 2 bags. Could you tell me how much of each amendment to add using only 2 bags of base soil?

  5. I would lov to cross sum icons strains with mines and give you sum of tha offsping and you can do ur lil project with tha strains…. Yo tha best breeder out there

  6. Yo subcool im a up comin breeder and i looked to you for yrs now and im doin sum breeding and i made sum crosses that no one got and i would be honor for you to hav sum and do a grow vid of my strains and they are bubba dew, passion fruit, weddin cake and kush n cream… And i had cross dem all with my black out cake which is a cross of weddin cake x blackberry kush og

  7. You're a solid dude, Sub. The boys asked you for permission and you answered like a true Elder of the Tribe. Pay attention, kids. This is how Old School shit Used to go down with Solid Fam. Big Ups, Sub. We love you on Maui.

  8. Hey Sub this is Drew. We meet in San Bernardino at the Cup in 2016 I believe. I was in the TGA colored wheelchair. I have a serious question to ask you. Message me so we can discuss the details. Thanks brother talk soon

  9. I finely gave in to the Sub Cool hype & gave The show A look see. Wow what A Great informative and entertaining show Brother. It was dune very well👍. I love how down to earth you really are. 😎So yes I’m A new Weed nerd fan and I hope to 1 day become A weed nerd like you. 😎✌️

  10. Great to meet you, man. I appreciate you and your zest. Jus wanted to say God bless you bro, I'm watching and praying for you everyday!

  11. "If you want something from me all you have to do is ask, just don't stab me in the back" thats why I have followed you for so many years not just the knowledge you impart but because your a good dude and the world needs more just like you

  12. Nice show!! Thanks for speaking on valley fever💯💯💯. I have it and alot of more awareness is needed. Thanks bro love your show. #Stay out of the air when digging or constructions going on the spores come out!!! #Valley fever sucks!!!! 420 meds help!!!

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