1. Young gurl looks intimidated and Jeff just be his alpha self. His aura of confidence is probably intense to be around

  2. You’re an insanely fake person; it’s hysterically sad. You murder other companies and people with your words when they copy…

  3. i feel bad for jeffree because copycat beauty says he approved it. Good way to ruin your career :/ if it sucks, it sucks. Dont put your name on that bs.

  4. Jeffrey WTF!! He threw shade at Huda because of the resemblance of the baking products she made. Yet! He has this disrespectful ass B in his house and she has a whole make up line who are counterfeits to everyone's hard work?!! WTF he must of been high off his ass to let her in his house. He wouldn't have JEFFREY APPROVED if it was something from his line 🤣

  5. Honesty, what would you get from them if you want new makeup & are on a tight budget? Jeffree said there are 50 palettes on the website. The sample size here is small. I do not like heavy makeup. A light glam. TIA! 🖤
    (My skin tone is similar to Jeffree's).

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