1. Great video. You got it. Much more sense than what we are hearing from the government. Its not Vaping that's bad, its what you VAPE that can get you sick. Common sense.

  2. Hey 👋🏼 Yoel ~ So Happy you made a video about this ! Seriously, only You could explain things where people can understand, and put your hilarious spin on it at the same time ! I thought they (the news) were only talking about just those “Juul “ E-Pens 🤷🏼‍♀️ You always put things in perspective 🧐 Thanks for taking the time to educate us better, my friend 👍🏼❤️

  3. Speaking the truth! Also, I’m glad the marijuana is helping you. I got so happy when you spoke about loving yourself now. I’m glad you no longer suffer the consequences of immense anxiety.

  4. It’s easy to make fake w33d cartridges… is that the message that everyone else got? Yoel, post the Amazon link to help us make some cartridges pls

  5. The fact that most of the people who are or have been hospitalized, HAVE RESPIRATORY PROBLEMS EVEN BEFORE THEY TOUCHED A VAPE BUT THE MEDIA BLAMES THE PRODUCT ITSELF FOR IT, IS ridiculous. But baby boomers aren't ready for that conversation.

  6. Well I guess it’s time for us gen z to step in and vote because come on this is really getting out of hand

  7. Why aren't these underage kids being scolded and or being arrested, charged, Sentenced, and Imprisoned for committing a felony?

    The Government is literally YELLING "SMOKE OR DIE" when they have an all out War on the E-Cig/Cannabis Industry despite the FACT that it's ONLY happening in the USA Whilst in Europe, there are hospitals (3 I think) that have e-cig shops in the damn Hospitals.

    Wake the fuck up people…


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