1. Using the wine appellation model to create value for comparison fails in that the average Joe couldn't go buy a basket of grapes from a local vineyard go home and make high quality wine at shop prices. However the average Joe can get a pack of seeds/clones , stick them in their basement or garden and with a bit of care, produce some awesome weed. But I do believe there are great cultivators who have a golden touch. They do need to be recognized and rewarded in some form without their intellectual property being ripped off

  2. Kevin Jodrey has appeared in at least 2 videos wearing the gay pedophile symbol. Also, he displays symptoms of schizophrenia. Why do you people keep promoting this huckster?

  3. Yes, as an agriculture economics graduate 100% agree.

     There are companies out there that will help breed/patent plants technology, business model planning, budget analysis etc. just like agriculture has been doing for a long time. Farmers work with Universities and labs for development/research and planning with years of plant experience.

  4. Words worth more than gold, this guy is going to be a Cannabis yoda when he’s an old man, Kevin is my guru I’ve never met

  5. Kev is a class act. Such a wealth of knowledge, offering a perspective that comes from being imbedded in the culture long term.

  6. I remember seeing an article on an asian ancient mummy that had cannabis and seeds persevered with him… we need to pop um 😛

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