1. Just to point out – in the system discribed in this video. It includes the money that the government will not take from as a transition of wealth to you by the ruller. While moraly this is an absured idea, politicaly speaking the ruller who robes you less, is a ruller that gave you those resources.
    Anyway AMAZING video

  2. What you call democracy is republic because in democracy there are no choosing leader in a democracy, but there is also no democracy that exists in a represented country today

  3. I feel asleep on this one. Maybe a realistic overview but extremely, negative. Yet another extremely, sad commentary on the human condition. Out.

  4. The whole thing has the wrong base idea….
    Well its the right one because the world is like it. ….
    But definetly the wrong one for the world all do want…
    For a good worl the ones who are not concernes about having power but helping should be the rulers
    But this wont happen till we got a democracy AND a changed mindsetting into all humans lovong there… And that wont happen
    So were doomed… Unless someone can seriously rule alone cuz he by himself has enough power AND. He stands in for the "right" things.

  5. O problema do presidente Jair Bolsonaro é simplesmente porque ele acabou com a corrupção no país, acabou com as falcatruas e a política do toma lá, dá, cá e cancelou vários ministérios que serviam apenas de cabides de empregos para a base de sustentação do governo na era petista no poder. Se ele deixar retornar todas essas poucas vergonhas do passado na política brasileira, aí ele será considerado o presidente mais querido do Brasil, como foi o que hoje está na cadeia e será chamado de o cara, como este que está na cadeia foi. Mas para o bem do Brasil e do seu povo, o presidente Jair Bolsonaro tem sangue militar nas suas veias e os militares querem o bem da nossa Pátria.

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