1. Cannabis is banned? because its not Oxygen, its not healthy. You don't want government s taxing the shit out of it and it make msome people mental

  2. This vile stuff stinks like shit and causes asthma attacks as well as rots peoples brains so it's good it is banned although the governments reason is probably because they don't earn any taxes from it.

  3. cause precipitates change.
    manipulation is done so in this way.
    all laws are wrong. the righteous know that you cannot govern another persons life.
    you cannot decide for someone else. and every time you've tried in real life it has failed you.
    it's no question that our government knows this.
    laws were made to be broken.
    for profit.

    profiting off of death. when you die the government owns your every asset.
    you were being played since birth, and they used markers to identify you even as a baby.
    just so you couldn't slip away from their hands of control.

    find a way, society. find a way to fight. go where you are meant to, let nobody do harm in your wake.

  4. Great educational work. Deserves to be shown up for exactly who he was and the time is long passed for us to be keeping nefarious government agencies afloat through illegal drug selling activities.

  5. If there is a hell, anslinger is surely in the deepest darkest most painful pits of it, right next to hitler and pol pot.

    If there is no hell, someone should invent it, solely for monsters like anslinger.

  6. you should do one about industrial hemp too, why it was classified as a 'drug' and the multitude of things it can be used for.

  7. Ain't nothing like the THE TRUTH! PREACH!! Just keep tellin' the truth and you'll be doin' a greater service than you'll ever know. THE TRUTH is in such short supply these days.

  8. Everything in and about America, as narrated by American Fascist State and its Fascist Capitalist Oligarchy, is propaganda and one big fat LIE

  9. I love how Austin Powers is used for this…I didn't know that Billie Went through all that!!!!! Witch hunts from the very beginning…

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