1. Complete trash. A propaganda movie. But has an acceptable ending. After getting cancer and giving up never fighting it, after being a cuck, supporting debauchery, homosexuality, lesbian, drugs, delinquency of kids (technically adult, but are still immature kids) he drives off to nowhere and his progeny doesn't procreate. No there wasn't a meaningful message about experiencing life to the fullest it was a message to go and do whatever immoral, infidel, self gratifying thing without contributing or giving back or leaving something of value behind, providing 0 value to society or his own offspring. Pathetic. Transparent social engineering message. But the ending was good…he drives off aimlessly to nowhere and has no reproducing legacy

  2. I watched the entire movie as well. I loved it and am so glad to see Johnny in this kind of role. He was excellent, the script and directing was excellent as well.

  3. stupided google. I AM AT 14 AND ALL READY I HAVED WATCHED THIS MOVIE WITHED MY FOSTERS PARENTS..aged retrictioning ond me never will worked.
    I thinked this was a GREAT movie, but too it was a real tears jerker for me. I do not cry very much ever because ofed I geted a head injury whened I was at 11 and stuff does not worked right I guess it.
    Any ways this movie does to proved it Johnny Depp is one ofed the GREAT ofed actors ever. And who did writed this movie is pretty very great too. I do thinked it haves lessons fore learning fore every one. After did we watched it my fosters talked to me about it , always they do whened they do thinked may be stuff is much fore me, but all ways they do leted me watched because they do know I will find a way ifed really I wished it.
    The movie does say it we need to never forget it we only do haved very short ofed time to maked our marks ond the world so better we should geted going and do it and not leted negatived persons or mediocrity to geted us to ined a slowed down rut.
    Only thing did I not liked is they haved sort ofed geted sexing and loving confused together and I do not thinked that is right evened ifed never I haved done it sexing yet,.

  4. "Yeah. I'd say we're all pretty mature."–best line ever.

    Slipping through a wormhole and starting a new life as a pirate in 1492 was a bit of a contrived ending, though.

  5. I watched it all the way through. I love this movie. Film is subjective, but I feel a lot of pseudo intellectuals feel the need to trash this. Will this win any awards? No. But it's a great time to see Johnny Depp play something he cares about.

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