The 'Problems' with Cannabis Legalization

let me FIRST say, I fought for years to make cannabis legal, and have been outspoken for the past 30 years about it. I tried to create a ‘hemp’ movement when I …


  1. I'm from Australia, so you know all plants are still "jailed". It makes SWIM mad that he can't use his plants of choice legally that being kratom and cannabis. Though screw these unjust backwards laws SWIM uses these plants with the thought that they are our birtright and a choice not to be made by anyone but him

  2. In Massachusetts, it has been an absolute disaster since it became legal. The people voted for it, yet the politicians have been pushing things back while putting anti cannabis people on the boards who were supposed to set things up for shops to sell. I think we finally got one open, years after the legalization passed. The government getting involved just messes things up.

    As an oncology patient, I have been able to go to the shops, but this state does not know what it's doing.

  3. It was Ohio, about the monopoly for cannabis cultivation facilities. I’m in the cultivation department for a northern Ohio facility. Our medical laws are so messed up but everything is heading in the right direction

  4. Cannabis will be legal for recreational use here in Illinois in January of 2020. It has been legal for medicinal use for a couple years. Prices are actually about the same (for the MMJ). The problems you are describing are inevitable. My guess is that basic economics and "the American way" will happen just like every…other…product or service. Sure, it kind of sucks, but give it five years and Walmart will be selling it for dirt-cheap and steal the market from pretty much everyone anyways. Just like they do with every market they can get their dirty little hands on. But, I don't mind too much. It's worth the trade-off as far as I'm concerned. I'm 50 years old. My weed guys that I've known for 30 years are a WAY bigger pain in the ass than you could imagine. I call 'em up and they're like, "I should be home next Thursday night after 7pm if you want to stop by". lol. Conveinience and legality go a LONG way for me. Just like most Americans. FIRST WORLD PROBLEMS!!! Hehe… sorry I couldn't resist πŸ˜‰

  5. I understand what you're saying but at least it's a start, you can hopefully fight the tax issues and other stuff from here. Especially as being able to tax it is a good argument to get them on board at the start for legalisation. I only hope we can get as far as you guys have, here in Ireland. But we are a long way off, and we used to be high producers of Hemp for years, centuries ago.
    Ps where did you get your shirt? Love it. One love

  6. I support cannabis being left to the people…. and not regulated. I am glad we made it this far of course, but we must continue to do better, lower taxes on it and remove the greed of state to make as much from it as possible, to the high cost of the consumer.
    Take care all, and be well in your endeavors!!

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