The organization 'Smart Approaches to Marijuana' wants America to rethink legalizing cannabis

Kevin Sabet, president and CEO of Smart Approaches to Marijuana, an organization leading the lobbying effort against legalization of the drug, joins “Squawk …


  1. How mad do you think this retard is that more and more states are legalizing it? What a waste of oxygen this dude is. Lol

  2. Today’s marijuana is not Woodstock weed

    That’s the only thing I agree on with this cocksucker lol no it’s not and thank god for that , it’s far stronger , with far higher levels of thc , and guess what , that’s a good thing 🙂

  3. Cannabis is legal in Canada. The industry is not hiding the harms. Health Canada (our CDC) is working with the industry on education. The industry is well versed in the harms and risks associated with Cannabis. No secrets!

    It is NOT tobacco. Tobacco said cigs don't kill. FALSE! Cannabis industry states no overdose deaths ever. TRUE!

    Psychosis is a risk, but people are grasping on that for fear mongering. The risk of psychosis is 1 in 57,000 and you can reduce that risk by checking your family history for psychosis and schizophrenia risk.

    Cannabis and driving – illegal in Canada. Yes, they need new technology that is more efficient for testing. They're working on it.

  4. Todays marijuana is not your "Woodstock weed", right, so that means we smoke MUCH MUCH LESS, making it MUCH MUCH Less harmful to our lungs. So that eliminates two of your lamest arguments right off the bat.

  5. FALSE…there is absolutely no connection of marijuana use and schizophrenia. As marijuana use has risen in America the number of schizophrenia cases have remained the same. STOP THE LIES!

  6. Studies are in marijuana is safe and cause no deaths alone, but has big losses in profits for pharmaceutical, Private prison and law enforcement.

  7. Wow this guy is full of shit. He has most likely received a big chunk of change to talk shit about pot. NOTHING this idiot says is true, ESPECIALLY the part about it being deadly. Totally moronic and completely false. Just because u talk fast does not mean you know what you are talking about.

  8. This is Bull Shit, I am sure if your constant high , and constant using any type of drugs, and can't stay sober to work, your going to be poor , you have to work to be rich.

  9. How many people kill people driving sober , just because he had weed in his system they blame the crash on the weed. What about sober people , why do they get into a accident. ?

  10. it does take people to the polls to vote. my whole family voted in Michigan when it was to be legal and look we won and they never go to vote only for this one opportunity

  11. That limo driver probably also had been drinking alcohol or using prescription pills, but they don't mention that. This guy is a scumbag and nothing he says is remotely accurate, he is still spouting the same fear mongering bullshit and appealing to ignorance, because if you don't know anything about cannabis and its history, then you are likely gullible enough to believe whatever garbage people say like this. Just taking their word for it, instead of looking into it yourself and thinking for yourself.

  12. Oh yea that's Kennedys buddy that work for big pharma thru their so called charity organization. Big Pharma you know the ones that got rich off selling us synthetic heroin, and we should listen to this idiot?

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