The Most Canadian Marijuana Story Ever

A Canadian pot dispensary is robbed at “bear-spray-point” and old people are hitting new highs. Subscribe To “The Late Show” Channel HERE: …


  1. Ill tell you now. Bear mace does not feel nice.Would prefer a couple bottles of pepper spray any day. Like an imitation of fire not cool at all.

  2. The bear spray is because for whatever reason pepper spray is illegal in canada but bear spray isn’t so for self-defense and robbery purposes it’s used instead (also it’s usually stronger)

  3. Bear spray is pepper spray on drugs. Don’t make fun of this poor guy with the bong

    Even if it is a little funny not gonna lie

  4. Please respect Native territory Stephen – this was Mohawk land and not Canada. Probably also shouldn't make fun of an attempted robbery regardless of the method. As someone who's been to this particular store on multiple occasions I will finish by saying that the store and the employees are all awesome and I am happy that they are alright.

  5. Mace is illegal in Canada. Bear Spray is legal but only for use on bears. You literally cannot get mace in Canada. That's why they were using bear spray.

  6. They used bear spray because, unlike the wild west states, we DON'T have guns absolutely everywhere. We also have a LOT less gun deaths, but I'm sure that's just a coincidence….

  7. Well, that's the difference between US and Canada. Even in a showdown with robbers, the worst thing that happened was that a bong was smashed and we get a major laugh out of it. Meanwhile in US, kids go to school to study and get shot. When the police respond to a report, they shoot unarmed kids to death. Families are destroyed. People shoot others in robberies every single day and US's answer to all of this – more people should have guns.

  8. Some insight from the Great White North. I'm not so sure any involved in the clip are Canadian by berth. As any true born Canadian in that situation would instinctively yell at the would be thieves, "Take off, eh!?" And the three aggressors would all leave peacefully saying "Sorry".
    If things had gotten really physical somebody would have been jerseyed.

  9. He may not be a real doctor, but I would trust Dr.Dre for medical advice over that fool that gave Trump a clean bill of health when he took office.

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