1. My dad is into quantum physics…
    He's tried to make me interested in his formulas & explanations about "alterior-tonics".
    I wish it would stick to my understanding as easy as his.

    Although I do know what a "hyperbolic paraboloid" is.

  2. "In reality this map should look like a web tying together all the subjects" my mind instantly went to how the brain forms memories

  3. As long as Archons of Sirius and Reptilian hive minds paint the road of mathematics numbers themsepves will be used for twisted and distorted purposes in relation to humanity. The guarded system in thr collective unconscious needs to be cracked

  4. If I became a Math teacher, most of the people would probably hate me 😂😂😂

    I am going to pursue and be a computational physicist, or to be a systems developer instead.

  5. Vous avez oublié la théorie de la relativité générale d'Albert Einstein. You have forgot the general relativity theory of Albert Einstein. C'est la plus belle des theories mathématiques fondée sur les mathématiques des espaces courbes. It's the best of the theoreticals Mathématiques, based of the curve space.

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