The Machine Elves Reveal How The Law Of Attraction Works

Thanks for watching guys, next vid coming out soon 🙂 Special shoutout to my patrons: Petter Wersland, George Morrone, Celica Arfonia, David Peremitk and …


  1. loved this one! you are just so articulate with your words and I understand everything you say. I feel like if i would try to explain it to someone else though it would be so hard, but u make it sound so natural lol

  2. bruddaah you're gaining a lot more knowledge and getting better at explaining these concepts, the first part of how you explained at 8:55 was dead on, the only thing is, it's not solely your belief (which i think you know because you weren't certain on belief), It is based on your vibrational state of frequency.

    To break it down more it is how you react to your self and your environment, eg if something bad happens and you maintain our intelligence and are clearheaded to look for the lesson in the situation, it will soon shift to a positive and being grateful for the positive , it will stack and build momentum, this applies to yourself to. GJ my g <3

  3. Dont call them machine elves lol, sounds like something your ego would label universal energies. Witch is fine your ego is your connection to the divine but still, surely there is a better name then machine elves… you ain't Terrence brothers.

  4. I love it that u're actually crediting the machine elves, that gets me thinking because this shit sounds legit.

  5. This is uncanny… About a week before 434 uploaded his video on the laws of attraction and raising your vibration, I have been seeing both of those themes reoccurring in my life from several different sources. I feel as if I am being led. 😅

  6. This is incredible knowledge from your own experience. Your belief led you to choose this reality and make and publish this video. The ones who watch it are meant to watch it and are meant to tune in.

  7. Wow man this video is beautiful 🖤💕 My perspective of life, in a deep level, is pretty similar and I have recieved this same information in many ways (science, music, art, meditation, mushrooms, weed).
    You explain it beautiful and the visuals and music are perfect 💕💅🏻

  8. Had a very similar thought when I was high the other night, cool to see that we share the same thought, good video brother!

  9. Having a positive attitude goes a long way too. When you're faced with a difficult decision, it will always work out when you stay positive.

  10. I demand the weed vid here because I dunno about others but I don't need the explanations so much…Love the weed channeling. 
    But thanks for the foton experiment explanation, been waiting when someone puts it in a trip vid insert heart eyes

  11. Hey mate great video as always, I was wondering if you are still making the video and interviewing your brother and his struggle with substance and his experience? Would love to see that video if it is not to personally intrusive. Love and light

  12. Make some litteral gold appear and ill believe you lol everyone talking about the law of attraction is either poor or run down

  13. This is actually crazy because the YouTuber @434 constantly relays information from machine elves, and his most recent transmission was about the law of attraction, you guys definitely should get in contact

  14. "the fact that he made the video at the same time that i was gunna make my video kinda suggests that this is something that maybe people are wanting to hear and it's kinda in the air and is some information that needs to be soaked up"
    Ive been heavily interested in the law of attraction as of the past two weeks and have been adjusting my behaviors and thoughts to manifest things that i want. During my last deems trip, the entity i met with told me about something similar. That i can do whatever I wanted as long as I made the decision to just do it, that im holding myself back, my thoughts hold me back. And applying that with the law of attraction really resonates right now. And it's interesting how much it's resonating with so many other people

  15. Hey man, love your videos, especially the ones where you're distilling lessons from trips and explaining your theories on what you've seen.

    One small critique: the parts where you're high are confusing, partly because you end up refuting your high self once you're sober. Maybe just use your videos of your high self as notes and show us your sober distillation afterward?

  16. This made alot of sense according to Vadim Zeland's teaching on Reality transurfing and how law of attraction works in terms of that! ( Alot of people here probably know Aaron doughty he teaches this on YouTube ). And also the multiverse theory. Thank you for this. Proves that parallel realities exist and we are shifting every second to a WHOLE DIFFERENT reality no matter how the same it all looks or feels!

  17. Wow, you explained LOA and the double slit experiment really well! The best, most understandable narrative I have ever heard. Gonna' re-watch this vid a few times. Gives me goosebumps, because you make it all make sense. Thank you for always sharing. Jazzy

  18. Great video cant wait for part 2!
    Very important video to me brotha💚🙌🏽
    I have been split many times repeatedly, at first it was pain. Then I understood this force. This plethora of multiple possible realities and some might say its anxiety or mental health, it is the periods of social encounters i feel such. For this force feels of nowness and vision, i am slightly conscious of such, they manifest and take to pattern in my life and i test it by switching and switching and ive just fucked up by impulsively moving to CA on a 3 hour time shift where i made a split to fligh back after i landed. Since then (1month) things been out of order and need to adjust for that change. Found myself walking past oaksterdam.. i have severe lyme and used to dream about this school as a youngin. I signed up! Bringing knowledge back to my home state. But im still so lost and embarrassingly enough terrified by these variables. Alot in my life has happened and off topic ill give you a cliff hanger i think i killed myself in the last life and came back to become concious. I think we're evolving because I believe we all are the same person..rather the oneness of ones body one feels from conscious meditation. long introspective journey, could just have schizophrenia or am absolutely insane but fucc it ill do the reality of mountian house on lake bed 😂 if anyone would like to hear more or share their conciousness id be happy to!

  19. Brilliant explanation! I made a short film about this concept (“fruit of the mind”) – it’s on my channel if you want to check it out!

  20. ok but when is a believe strong enough? If I take lsd and I believe I can fly and i jump from a building I probably still die. When is a believe really a believe that bends reality? A lot of people believe in things that just doesnt manifest, or we think it will manifest as we believe and it still doesnt work out that way. Maybe some poeple among us have higher believe power and bend the reality in their image? like if there is a war or soccer game, many people believe it will go this or other way and lots of people will be just dissapointed. Or is this just a question of 51% dominance in a believe topic? Can you next time meditate on a trip on this question of fractal believe systems among people please?

  21. Much love man I really enjoy the logistic side of your break downs I really resonate with your content and would love to eventually have a talk with you about these things.

  22. ' C ' with the light in the middle ' – '
    c- the power button on my laptop lol
    ( you saw the matrix itself, the reincartion system where light becoms human and has this human experience aka sims )

    hollly shit, i watched that same fkn experiment 3 years ago and knew the fucking bomb impact it had!!!!!!! game changer
    can't believe you linked this shit up, i thought i was the only weirdooo
    theresmore yay its a soul misson

    ps time travel is possible af from this perspective.

    maybe we are time travelers after all and the machine is our body. and our thoughts are the computer part that tunes it. Depending on the frequency you are in you will attract that same frequency, which is what the law of attraction has beeen saying for yearss
    im so high this is hectic llol

  23. Wow, this was a great video. Beautifully explained and you've chosen great images!

    Esp. 8:46 onwards your explanation is the best so far which I have heard. Also the way you explain this is excellent.

    I mean that you record it right after the experience and then give a more in depth or more fitting explanation afterwards.

    Overall what you've said reminded me – apart from the Law of Attraction – on what Clif High says about the nature and illusion of time.

    Are you familiar with his idea? In a sense, I think he said that there is just space and like 13 billion of flashes of pure light per every second

    (which …"per second"…contradicts the notion of non-existence of time, I know…

    but maybe in such vast dimensions of flickering light or flashing in and out of existence and non-existence, a "reality of time"

    is completely different from what we experience it to be here in this dimension bound by our senses…

    but I have to admit, it still seems to be a contradiction … because 13 billion flashes per second presuppose time).

    But what I wanted to say was only that his idea seems to support your experience, not contradict it.

    Although he did not mention where he had the numbers from.

    (I mean, why not 14 or 15 billion of light flashes per second, and what tool could possibly measure the validity of his theory? 🙂

    Anyway, I love the humor too, that you've let 12:07 stay in there and did not edit it out!!! Made me laugh 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣

  24. The timing of this video is really weird for me personally. I’ve been thinking so much recently about how our brain is basically just another muscle that we’re constantly training without even realising it. Similar to how a weightlifter trains their actual muscles to be big and strong, or how a distance runner trains theirs to be enduring and efficient, we train our brains to think in whichever mindset we are in. So a depressed person is literally training their brain to think that way. Which is why exercise is so good for depression because you have to put effort into exercising and you feel good about yourself after, so you’re training your brain that if you put effort into things you feel good about it, and it gradually helps you implement that mindset into your daily life.

    Anyway, my point basically is that I agree with you that your belief is what shapes your reality. I find it to be an extremely useful way of thinking too because you’re able to notice behaviours in yourself that you don’t like or want to change and alter your way of thinking about them and eventually your belief, and in turn your reality, changes too. You just have to choose which voice you want to listen to.

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