1. @ntvkenya next time you invite panelists please invite cannabis enthusiasts. These guys are pretending and they're stoners. Fake rastas

  2. you are so ignorant 'its sad, even ridiculing this intelligent idea ,the amoun't of potential in this idea is so much bu it seems to be too new for old people. msijali in a few our generation will take over and we will laugh at your ignorance. i blame the media insead of positively amping up marijuana you stigmaize it i have no doubt in 3 years kenya will profit from it legally LEGALIZE It

  3. The best-supported medicinal use of marijuana is as a treatment for chronic pain…2)There's also strong evidence medical cannabis can help with muscle spasms::::. 3)It doesn't seem to harm lung capacity, and may even improve it( compared to tobacco :::::It may be of some use in treating glaucoma, or it may be possible to derive a drug from marijuana for this use. Eg

    One of the most common reasons that states allow medical marijuana use is to treat and prevent the eye disease glaucoma, which increases pressure in the eyeball, damaging the optic nerve and causing loss of vision::::: . Main point. —-== A chemical found in marijuana stops cancer from spreading, at least in cell cultures.

    Main point It may decrease anxiety in low doses. Explanation Researchers know that many cannabis users consume marijuana to relax

    People still use it so way don't they look how may people are dead becouse cancer that a shame I never used it if but the other states are fools right hhhhhhh 👉 👉👉 Marijuana is legal for adults over the age of 21 in 9 states, and medical marijuana is legal in 30.

  4. only those who have never tried it will never know how sweet it is….it should be legalised and tobacco banned….

  5. it's true cannabis it's a medicine infection we can't say medicine it's a curse for people who suffer from epilepsy

  6. Man, keep it professional. You guys aren't just having a drunken chat at the bar. Do some research beforehand & bring us some valid facts, learn how to pronounce the damn word correctly & stop with all the unnecessary giggling. This was pretty hard to watch.

  7. Where is the whole show?? Also this stigmatization on this panel is ridiculous. They need to experience life a little. They have no clue what so ever pure ignorance. Its a joke to have these people talk about a subject they have no experience in.

  8. Kenyans will drink and smoke cigarettes yet think weed is bad for u? weed slows down cancer cells Kenyans would benefit if we export it

  9. my brother was crying and making noise that animals are killing him after smoking bangi. then you guys speak like supporting legalization. shindwe!

  10. What's the whole point of this discussion if there is no one on the panel who has truly researched about marijuana from credible sources. All you guys are doing is spreading falsehood about the effects of marijuana. Where I live it's 100% legal and some of the most successful and wealthiest professionals consume it frequently with no side effects.

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